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Gray Ajah Midsummer - Trivia


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Welcome to the Gray Ajah Midsummer event!  This game will consist of identifying images and answering questions related to all things hot, summery, sunny, sizzling, sandy, sweaty, toasty, bright, burnt, and otherwise a wee bit warm.  Post your answers in the thread; the first to answer correctly wins the point.


We'll start with a really easy one:


What city would you visit to see this?



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I'll give Cindy the point for getting the country right.  The answer I was looking for was Ahvaz, Iran.
While China gets the worst reputation for pollution, that is relevant to its stature as a major world leader.  The world's most polluted cities are largely found in Iran, Pakistan, and India.
Moreover, China might have some hot spots, but it can't top the desert.  Ahvaz has an average high of over 115°F (46°C) in July.
This beach is Delaware's most famous, though it has only the second most permanent residents.

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I see what might have been throwing people off a bit on that last question now. The original image I'd pasted was apparently of Lanzhou, China, despite being the top search result I got for "Ahvaz". The architecture looked Asian because it was Asian.



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