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hello *hides*


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I'm sure I've seen you before...... :? Anyway Welcome Nyn.


Please have alook at the Illuminators for all your creative needs.


There is also the White tower where you will have fun meeting new friend, but watch out for they Yellows they'll lick you to death :D



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welcome to DM, Nyn *g* I could have sworn we have met before... hmmm... must have been your twin sister *g*


I don't know why, but for some reason, I feel sure that you would enjoy Roleplaying. I'll ask Sirayn to help you with that. And of course, the Yellow Ajah... I am sure I can find someone there very willing to give you a few novice tasks *G* and maybe

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*stares at all the new faces*


Why, thank you for the welcome!

I look familiar? Well, actually I get that a lot. Many tell me I look like Gabriella Sabatini. Go figure.


The Yellow Ajah, you say? mmmmm... I don't know. I'm not really into healing. Plus I hear them yellows sometimes take funny herbs for personal usage. Weirdos if you ask me *grins*





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Me? outspoken? heavens no. I have a very shy and quiet personality. It would be very out of my character to critisize or pass judgement on anyone. The Yellow remark was simply an opinion. besides....it's not like anyone's reading this anyhow.





Anyway....Egwene, is it? Hey...Nynaeve...Egwene.. Get it? :D

We're probably supposed to be best mates!




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Funny you should mention that... hopefully, Tessa and I will be off to have a chinese at the weekend... and there is a cinema right next door... if you fancy coming along... :P

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Guest Emperor

Welcome newbie!!!!


You may have heard of me from the newbie convention.


Really I am just looking for more friends and I am harmless.


HARMLESS I SAY!!! *swings around the knife he was using to cut the cheese*


Oh and stop by the Seanchan org.


DO IT!!!


Welcome to Dm.

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Poems are for the light hearted. Bunch of puffsters, if you as me


I wanna kill something. I think I'm going to go green. Greens are cool, right? just like in the books. I want to kick some bunny! and spank some too... >.>



*eyes Nynaeve carefully*

hmmmmm ... we seem to have a few things in common

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