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Post-TG Ajah Roles


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This thread is to speculate what roles each current Ajah would have after Tarmon Gaidon.


my guesses::

Red; not entirely sure, but I imagine their new role would involve an agreement with male channelers. like Pevara & Androl.

some of the others I imagine would at times assist the Aiel.  Gray with mediating, Green with battles, Yellow with Healing, Brown with knowledge.

Yellow Ajah I imagine would also help with the offspring of various channelers; since illness and physical hurt would be common among kids.

Brown Ajah I imagine would also work at various libraries; and still at the White Tower's.

White Ajah I imagine would still deal with logic.

Blue; not entirely sure, but they seem the most adaptable to any new role.


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The Greens I would see needing to change most of any ajah.  They didn't simply go looking for fights they were primarily responsible for being ready for Tarmon Gai'don and fiighting shadowspawn.  Maybe they would make sure the white tower was prepared incase the seanchan attack. 


Reds instead of going after men maybe going after those who abuse the power.


All the others  I don't see really needing to change much.

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@mrs. cindy gill,

"the greens have seanchan and political chaos to contend with"

you did raise an intricate issue in your post,the dragon peace was rand's political legacy,

signed by all the rulers of randland including the seanchan empress,the dragon peace also

established one police force for randland (11 aiel clans),many rulers have personal connection

with rand,e.g. elayne-andor+cairhien, lan and nynaeye-malkier,perrin and faile-saldaea,tam-

steward of the two rivers,the leader of the whitecloaks is the dragon reborn's brother,so short-term,

the political situation should be under control,ostensibly at least,that said,the seanchan situation

would have to be monitored by the blue ajah using  their extensive eyes and ears network in

altara,amadicia,tarabon and almoth plain,(not the greens,they have nothing do do with something

akin to a cold war situation).

knowing the aes sedai's propensity for playing puppet masters,a lot of meddling should be expected

from the blue.white and green ajah,heck,just hours after the last battle ended four aes sedai relentlessly 

maneuvered(a euphemism for bullied) rodel ituralde to accept  arad doman's  crown even before a new 

amyrlin was nominated!

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