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WoT's Up: Guess Who

Aiel Heart

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We played this not long ago, so hopefully we all remember the rules.
In each round, I will choose a character from the grid below
You all will ask yes or no questions about the character to try to figure out who it is. 
If you post a question, please wait 6 hours or until someone else posts before you post another question. 
Have fun!


All art is the property of Ariel Burgess and Ta'veren Tees. Please click either link for cool products related to WoT.

Except for Bela. Bela belongs to herself. And arguably the Jordan Estate.


The characters in order of above:

Nyneave, Gawain, Someshta, Verin, Moridin

Loial, Semirhage, Elayne, Mat, Galad

Aviendha, Tam, Bela, Lan, Egwene,

Thom, Perrin, Lanfear, Gaul, Min

Moiraine, Elaida, Rand, Hopper, Demandred

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