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*tacklehugs and glues*


welcome back ! :biggrin:

*wiggles in glue* Thank you lovely! Good to be back :)


*flyingtacklehugs BB*


Welcome back love!!!!!

BRID!!!! I saw you on threads as I saw going through them all last night and I forgot how much I missed you guys (and your flyingtacklehugs :p)


Welcome back!  I've missed seeing you and Starry and Nya around DM!



Also for anyone who is interested BB is fun to blame things on!  Remember when in doubt BBB(Blame Bard Babe) :wink:

Yeah, I don't know about trying to drag them back, but if you abuse them on skype enough it might work :p Ooooh, poor Dav, who have you been blaming things on while I've been away?


Yay BB


*tacklesnuggle BB*


Welcome back darling! We miss you of course!


*hands BB a bandy*

Cairos!! *is gladly tacklesnuggled* Finally, a bandy!! *skulls*




Hiya Seph! You picked the right regiment ;p

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Hello BB!!




It'sa very nice to meeta you! On here. Formally. Yes. That's what I mean.


Here is an inflatable bat for your safety. Use when necessary. Especially against... ... *cough cough*



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