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[Game]: Best WoT scene elimination game - NOMINATIONS


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This is a normal elimination game but this time you will give suggestions. The theme is Best Wheel of Time scene. Send me a PM with at least 5 suggestions. I will put together a list with 20 or 30 scenes, depending on how many suggestions I get. Try to be fairly specific. The Last Battle will not be okay but Lan killing Demandred duing the LB is okay. Duman´s Wells is too big scene but Taim showing up at Duman´s Wells with asha´mans and giving the "Asha´man kill" order is okay. I think you get what I mean. It can be whatever scene you like. 


So send me a PM before next Wednesday and I will start the game with the scenes that I have recived. 

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Hi :)


Given you have 30 scenes instead of 25 you need to change either Rule 3 (max points allowed) or Rule 4 to final 6 scenes instead of 5, at the moment it's impossible to have only 5 scenes at 25 before being able to hurt only...


Which is to say that with 30 scenes there are 150 HP in play

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