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Wheel of Time Barbies?


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http://www.angelfire.com/nb/demadrak/WB/        Has anybody seen this?


Amyrlin Barbie




Blue. A special button on her back makes her eyes narrow to give the cold, icy AS stare when pressed.



Brown Ajah Barbie comes with extra candles for late night study and her own series of WoT books with each new edition mailed to your house.




Grey Ajah Barbie comes with the novel War and Peace(extra shipping and handling required.




Green Ajah Barbie comes with perfume and a Domani dress.(attn: Green Ajah Barbie comes with one Warder. Additional Warder Ken must be purchased separately)




Red Ajah Barbie comes with a thick wool blanket for cold, snuggle-less nights and your choice of thumping stick or willow switch.  Available with Willow Branch.   (Attn: Warder Ken not available with Red Ajah Barbie)




White Ajah Barbie comes with a copy "Logic for Dummies" for Ken so he can understand his white Aes Sedai.




Yellow Ajah Barbie comes with newly discovered remedy for forkroot tea and tea cups.




Since Rumors persist of a Black Ajah Barbie, we have come up with a model, which includes a handbook of how to use compulsion. Though honestly, they don't exist!




Accepted Barbie comes complete with Great Serpent Ring, Accepted's Banded dress, and a book on Classroom Teaching Techniques.




After a hard day of scrubbing pots, Novice Barbie still has that first day glow! She comes with two sets of Ajah colored hair ribbons(one for you and one for her), rose scented handcream, and a box of chocolates.




And there are a few more.  If you would like to see, check out the link on the top.  

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Sooh, are you looking at them on a phone?


They don't show up on my phone but they are on my computer. Try the link I have up there.  I'd like you to see them.  If you can't then, please let me know.

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I couldn't see them here yesterday but can today.


And are these "official" or did someone just come up with something for each of them?


The Yellow dress looks orange to me >.>

I can see photoshopping on the Accepted banding and Amyrlin stole - so I'm thinking these are official Barbies that happen to be wearing outfits that could also match the descriptions of the various Ajahs.


They are quite cool though and nice to see.

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