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"We come" ~the wolves

Kwstas Topeleven

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Hello all! I'm very excited to join this forum....Its actually the first forum I've ever joined! 


I'm 31 years old from Athens, Greece. Born and raised till 12 years old in New York, then moved here. 


A big reader but with very little experience in the fantasy world (for my friends that do read fantasy zero experience).


At 14-15 years old i read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings and even though i really enjoyed them i didn't touch another fantasy book until 2012 when i started reading the Game of Thrones; because i couldn't wait for the next season to air on tv! It was a great change from the other genres of fiction i was accustomed to. Made me fall in love with the fantasy genre.


Once i finished GOT's book 5 "A Dance with Dragons" i NEEDED (haha) a substitute until the next book would come out. I walked into a bookstore the same night and scrolled through the English fantasy section and fell upon A Wheel Of Time. The store held 3 books only, book 1 to 3 (didnt know at the time that there were more books to it, lucky me). It had the "international bestseller" tag on it... so said wth it will hold me at least till GOT's next book; i bought the first.

WELL..... needless to say i swallowed that book whole. Loved it.

Rushed to the book store upon completion to buy the next book, wondering at the same time how would Jordan manage to finish what he had opened up in the first book in just 2 more...  to my surprise the whole series was there!! The first feeling was shock.. what did i get my self into! 14 books plus a prequel! I knew i was going to have to finish what i started off with the first book. It was too good not continue it, but was afraid i might get tired of it. I had never read a series of this epic length.

After finishing the 2nd, i bought ALL the remaining books. There was no doubt in my mind i was seeing this through. Its been the best experience i have ever had in literature. 


Due to work and a new member in the family :) i haven't been able to read with my usual speed this last year so i'm just at book 9 still. Every free waking moment i have goes to a few pages of the series. I'm in love with the writing, with the depth of information given and the descriptions but most of all with the characters. It itches me that i cant sit down for hours to read anymore but must admit that even the waiting to pick the book up is sweet haha. 


I will read the Game of Thrones book 6 but i'm not waiting for it anymore. It will have to wait till i finish A Wheel of Time. The BEST series in any genre I've ever read! I thank Robert Jordan for giving us such a great book to read and Brandon Sanderson for ensuring us that it was completed.


Looking forward to reading and discussing thoughts and information in this site. I will tread carefully though cause i'm afraid of spoilers ;)


Till next time,




A few of favorite quotes till i find that section in the forum (sorry if not appropriate here):



Run when you have to, fight when you must, rest when you can.
-Elyas Machera, The Eye of the World, Chapter 27



You'll use it, boy, and as long as you hate using it, you will use it more wisely than most men would. Wait. If ever you don't hate it any longer, then will be the time to throw it as far as you can and run the other way.
-Elyas Machera, The Eye of the World, Chatper 30



I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and love him if he makes you smile.
-Lan Mandragoran, The Eye of the World, Chapter 48



There is one rule, above all others, for being a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.
-Lan Mandragoran, The Great Hunt, Chapter 7



Do you have any idea how long it takes to dig graves for twenty-three oak trees?
-Davram Bashere, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 2



I think it was the rooster. Wetlander humor is strange.
-Enaila, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 4: A Sense of Humor



I killed the whole world, and you can too, if you try hard.
-Lews Therin Telamon, The Path of Daggers, Chapter 21



 A man who trusts everyone is a fool, and a man who trusts no one is a fool. We are all fools if we live long enough.

-Lews Therin Telamon, Winter’s Heart, Chapter 25

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Welcome, Kwstas! We're glad you found your way to the forum.  :smile:


If you are still in the middle of reading the series, beware of spoilers that you'll find in the book discussion board. Lots of great discussions there but also a lot of spoilers.


If you enjoy role play, there's a role play board.


We also have social groups. If you are looking to hang out with like-minded fantasy fans but not get spoiled on your unread books, the social groups are a great way to do that!  I've been a member at the White Tower, Aiel and Kin but am now pretty much only active in the White Tower (due to time constraints).  I hope we'll see you there!

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Hello, Kwstas!!! I'd really like to see you stop by the White Tower and Warders. Just a heads up, though. You can't see all of the boards there until you decide to become a member. There is no limit to the number of groups you can join so take a look around.


Congrats on the new member of your family!


WoT has awesome quotes.


"Do what you must and pay the price if you are wrong. Sometimes if you are right, too."


Siuan Sanche

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Hello Kwstas :)


Is Greek yes ... you are Kostas :happy:


It is very nice to meet you and I'd like you to know that when I read your intro post it made we want to start all over again, and I've not felt like doing that since aMoL came out, so thank you.


We do most certainly have Social Groups. If you like the wolves then we have a Wolfkin Social group that is very friendly. The two Towers are also here in force and even Shayol Ghul itself.


Please do poke about and see what takes your fancy, and also feel free to ask questions.

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Welcome to DM! While yeah its alot of books, atleast you wont have to wait for each one to come out like Game of Thrones since its finished!


I recommend you poke around the Social Groups, as they are alot of fun and alot of people like to hang around in them. As Daruya said though, be careful of the discussions sections. Lots of talking and lots of spoilers in there.

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Hello!  I'm new here to and I came to the series in much the same way.  Well...almost.  After reading the first 4 books of the GoT series I told my husband I needed a break.  Those books were sucking me into their universe and it was a bit too dark for me.  He suggested these books and I've started reading A Memory of Light this week.  Knowing I'm at the end is so bittersweet, but I love this series so much that I have to know how it all ends.  Congrats on the new family member and kudos to you for being able to read with a baby in the house.  I hope to see you on here more as you finish up the series.

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Greetings and welcome to DragonMount :biggrin:


be sure to ask people who replied in your thread (for instance, me :wink: ) if you have any questions concerning the forums.


Now, if you just would like to spend some time with the infamous fighting force of Randland, check The Band of the Red Hand


Enjoy your stay!


Thane Vakarian

Captain-General Archers BotRH

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