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Dear Chaelca...

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I am very sorry for balefiring you. My use of balefire against you, Chae, was illegal because band law says that channeling in the band is not allowed. Not like the time when Nynaeve balefired a myrrdraal because Nynaeve was 1. Not a member of the BotRH, and 2. A myrrdraal is Shadowspawn, not a fellow bandmate. 


Not only is balefiring illegal in the band, it is also an extremely mean thing to do to someone. Even though it is bad to kill people in any way, balefiring is one of the worst ways to kill someone. I promise I will never balefire you again, and it was very wrong of me to do it. Balefiring people is not a nice way to fight other people in the Band. I hope that you are feeling better now that you are un-balefired (hopefully)





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*stabs Davrick with ashandarei*





Dawnflower (!)


You broke  Band Law number 3!


For assaulting (and probably injuring) a superior officer without prior provocation or declaration of a brawl, you are hereby required to 

  • follow Davrick around the Band boards, groveling shamelessly earnestly and begging/bribing forgiveness for your outlawed actions until he accepts your apology, or you reach a total of five (5) completely grovel-worthy posts, whatever comes first.


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