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What do YOU do for fun?

Thane Vakarian

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Runescape is quite OK too, but it costs lots to play it decently...


For my part, when I'm bored I like to mess with electronics like taking appart my old laptop and other stuff... I've recently taken appart my half broken little hand-sized RC helicopter and am trying to get everything to work and make it into a sumbarine. I've got the rear motor to work and I can control the speed with the remote but I'm having a spot of trouble with the steering, I think the motherboard's stuffed there... :sad:


I also like playing Minecraft with my brother (not enough internets for online so we do LAN) and we're building a giant medieval city. He's doing the harbour and boats 2km to the west and I'm in charge of the houses and castle etc... :biggrin:


Recently I've also become a huge fan of computer programming! I'm doing little 2D games on Game Maker 8.0 Pro and I'm learning Javascript right now.

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Weight-lifting, salsa dancing (just went a few days ago), reading (duh), the occasional TV show or anime, and making knives, swords, and other sharp objects (you may know this if you saw my intro thread).  Also shooting holes in paper.  And learning new skills.  The internet is for self-improvement, right?



making knives and swords ... i definitely need to see that intro thread !!!

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