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Hi, Nashnir Here.


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I became aware of "The Wheel of Time" series through the Song "The Wheel of time" by Blind Guardian.

( Give it a try. The song is really good especially the lyrics)

I started reading the series about two months ago and as of this day have finished the entire series.
I feel like I should I have given it more time and read slowly but the series had hooked me onto it and I had quite a lot of sleepless nights not able to put the book down until I completed it or slept as I was reading it due to exhaustion.

Infact, most of times I used to have the ebook version open next to me while I was working in office.


It was a great ride which sadly came to an end and the sad thing about it was the fact that I started reading it so late and missed the entire journey with the rest of the fans.


Hopefully, this forum will remain active even though the series is done ^_^






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Welcome to DM, Nashnir. I understand what you mean with missing the journey but at the same time it must be great to be able to read them all at the same time. You didn´t need to wait years for the next book. 


Take a look around and see what you like. There are discussion boards if you want to discuss the books or other things. If you want to meet friends then I recommend joining one of the social groups. I spend most of my time in the Black Tower but there are a lot of great groups here. If you want to roleplay then we have a section for that too. 


If you have any questions, don´t be afraid to ask. I hope you will have as much fun here as I have had. 

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Welcome to DM Nashir,

Have you read the prequel, New Spring, yet?  If so did you read it before the series or later on? (It was published in an anthology between the release of books 8 & 9 and then released as a standalone book between books 10 & 11). As you may have already seen DM has a number of general discussions that, since you have finished the series, you should look into.


You should also check out the Social Groups as they can be a great way to get to know some of the other members, have fun and discuss comon interests. I can personally comment on two of the social groups of which I am a member; First is the Band of the Red Hand, of which I am LG of the Archers Division. In the Band we enjoy discussing music, travel and food. The Second group is the Black Tower which is an overall fun place to go for fun, games and just plain oddities (We're tainted there so there's a lot of sillyness). There are a number of other Social Groups you can check out so please do so and join the one(s) that appeal to you.  You may join as many groups as you like so go for it and have fun.


Along with the General Discussions and the Social Groups you may also be interested in Role Playing, if so check out the Role Play forums.

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Yes, I have read New Spring. I read all the books in order of their release date. Irrespective of the chronological order since that was the order RJ intended to let the readers read them in.


@TinaHel & Nikon

I will probably start re-reading the entire series soon and this time I will do it at a slower pace.

Will, definitely be lurking around in the forums :)

Cya all there.

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Hi, Nashnir. I am Ryrin, Sitter of the Green Ajah. Welcome to DM.


I came to the series about 3 years ago and missed out too, on some of the journey. The social groups are a great way to meet people. The majority of my time is spent in the White Tower and Warders. Should you desire to become an Aes Sedai or Warder, the WT is the place to start. You can belong to as many groups as you want.


We have a place to discuss the books and another where you can develop your own character and role play. Any questions, just ask.

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