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  1. @Nikon Yes, I have read New Spring. I read all the books in order of their release date. Irrespective of the chronological order since that was the order RJ intended to let the readers read them in. @TinaHel & Nikon I will probably start re-reading the entire series soon and this time I will do it at a slower pace. Will, definitely be lurking around in the forums :) Cya all there.
  2. I became aware of "The Wheel of Time" series through the Song "The Wheel of time" by Blind Guardian. ( Give it a try. The song is really good especially the lyrics) I started reading the series about two months ago and as of this day have finished the entire series. I feel like I should I have given it more time and read slowly but the series had hooked me onto it and I had quite a lot of sleepless nights not able to put the book down until I completed it or slept as I was reading it due to exhaustion. Infact, most of times I used to have the ebook version open next to me while I was working in office. It was a great ride which sadly came to an end and the sad thing about it was the fact that I started reading it so late and missed the entire journey with the rest of the fans. Hopefully, this forum will remain active even though the series is done ^_^ -Nashnir
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