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Sad Sad Puppy Wolfie


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*stares at the moo-cat eye to eye*

*whispers* Its staring right into my soul.

*walks up to the moo cow slowly and cautiously*

*slowly reaches for stick*


Interesting, it seems that through my scientific research, I was able to discover the moo-cow's lack of fear for being poked with sticks. I think we can use this somehow...

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*sees cute puppy dog, showers with puppy kisses and gives snuggles*



**HOWLS wildly as said puppy transforms into Lanfear with some whiskers still on as transformation was not fully developed**


**Gets cue card from pocket**  **cough**


How dare you kiss and hug me you of vile being and stuff!!  **flips cue card**  I am Lanfear, the whiskers got stuck but yeah I am her!!  

The delicacy of my nature is affronted with just everyone's presence here so **flips cue card again** ah..


**Draws the one power and gathers all feathers lying around (if any) and tickles everyone to their demise**


Bwahahahaha.. BWAHAHAHAH!!!  Die!! Die laughing!!!  Bwahahaa..*coughs coughs*  water... I need water *coughs*

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