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Good Morning,

I am surprised I have not joined previously, I generally keep an eye on all things WOT related. I have been a fan since I was 14 years old, and have read the series through 4 times and have all the books on audio as well. This series has kept me company for the past 18 years, it has been with me on 6 deployments around the world, and it has constantly given me a place to turn to escape into fantasy. What an amazing series from an amazing author, and I feel so fortunate that someone had stepped forward to finish Mr. Jordan's work. I will truly miss looking forward to the next book, it is a bitter sweet feeling to know that the series is over and I truly wish there was more to come for Rand and the gang. In any case, I look forward to hearing all of you and replying in kind to any posts you make. I am as well awaiting the video game or tv series/movie, or both.

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Welcome, Staven!  We are happy to have you.  I too, wish there was more to come.  We have discussion forums for the books but also multiple social groups.  Take a look around and see if something interests you.  I spend most of my time in the White Tower and Warders.


I have a son in the Air Force.  What branch are you/were you in?

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We live not too far from a Naval Air Station. My son works on the weapons systems on F-16's. What do you do? (If you can say.)


You are in "Getting Started."


Scroll down and you will see "Wheel of Time Discussion" and then "Social Community."


Below that will be the "Dragon Reborn RP Community (Role Playing.)


There are a bunch of sub forums underneath each heading.


Here is the White Tower and Warders.




You have any more questions, I'll be glad to help and if I'm not on other people will be around.

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Puddle Pirate! Or that's what my nephew (who used to be in the Air Force) calls the navy guys ... lol ... myself, I've always been partial to the navy :wink:


Anyhoo, welcome to DM :)

I see Ryrin's already helping you out, so hopefully we'll see you down at the White Tower & Warders soon!

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Welcome to DM Staven!  Always love getting new fans here!  I look forward to seeing you around the boards, and feel free to join as many Social Groups as you want.  Each one has it's own theme and some even have themes inside of themes.  *winks*

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Thank you Mother, I will be along there soon. As for puddle pirates, I always considered the coasties to be puddle pirates, I'm deep water Navy.

Yeah, my husband was in the Coast Guard and I have two nephews in. There is something the Coasties call the Navy but I don't remember what it is.


We have some other people here in the Army.


I'll watch for you in the White Tower and Warders.

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Hello. I am new here because the series is over and this is the one of the last few ways I can still live it. If anyone remembers or recognises this name, then you are one of a very small small, very few people who trawled MUDs many years ago. I was and am an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah.



Sorry for the newbie error! I will try to post this where it goes.

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