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  1. Heh. Still, I could see it being a useful tool for women to learn about how men channel, and vice versa. If all the weaves are visible, you can see what is happening.
  2. Heck, what seems potentially even easier: I am forcing onto the dream that weaves of the power are visible to anyone.
  3. There is a LITTLE more support for the possibility. Egwene, upon entering the dream world in the flesh, decides to not be in pain as she rides to Salidar. It suggests you CAN impact important properties about yourself while in the dream.
  4. I know at this point it's just speculation, but the world of dreams is full of possibilities. Perrin's ability to see/dismiss weaves just by thinking about it is the one that grabs me, though. Considering that sort of thing is possible, would it be possible for a stilled man/woman to go into the world of dreams (say with the twisted ring ter'angreal) and manifest weaves? If they were good enough with manipulating the dream, that is. At that point, it seems like a real question would be, would the weaves work? Could she weave balefire? Could he open a gateway out of the dream?
  5. My pet theory is that Shaidar Haran was an ogier equivalent of a myrdraal, so... yes.
  6. Masema. I get the value of having a character be the zealous prophet of the Dragon, but every moment he was in the scene I was looking forward to him no longer being in the scene. Nothing interesting about the character, just entirely there to wreck some people's days, and not even particularly effectively. He didn't even accomplish anything so to speak. His entire story was told far more interestingly in Aram, who converted, then fell on losing faith.
  7. I would have done more with Alanna. She was this profound, important link to Rand, but ended up being functionally irrelevant, except for people to whine about/at. I would have had her kidnapped by a member of the forsaken, Graendal or Semirhage, and manipulated. Turn her into a darkfriend. Show us that process earlier in the books, and against someone who MATTERS.
  8. Who told you you were incapable? Girt thought about that, and grunted, listening to the Aes Sedai. Of course she would SAY that everyone was equal, but Girt knew who ended up with the fuzzy end of the sweet-cake. "I was lady's maid for Lady Zilna back home, mum, and she and her mum and her friends they all said it. Whenever they were learning book stuff, they'd send me out the room because I am dimwitted. It was not an insult, no more than it insults a rock to call it hard." She shrugged. "It just is. I'll try to learn, I will, but I hope they don't expect more than I can do or I'm probably going to end up getting beaten again." She glanced to one side, eyes tracing over the artwork on the walls, the little bits that made this office personal to the Mistress of Novices. She stared at a tapestry depicting a woman holding some sort of... scales? Hard to make out, as the older woman talked about how other Novices viewed her. It had been a stupid question, anyway. She doesn't want to be your mum, no one wants a stupid girl for a daughter. Girt nodded at Valeri Sedai's comment about needing guidance, and then shifted her gaze to the other woman, and thought about the question. DID she want this? She'd come all the way here, yes, but that was because Unari Sedai had told her to. Girt frowned, considering the options. Valeri's assertion about talking seemed a potential invitation, so she decided it wouldn't hurt to speak. "I traveled here because Unari Sedai said so, said I could learn and so had a duty to serve. I guess I'm used to that, and I'm used to doing as I'm told, so that seemed natural enough. I suppose I was thinking you'd just put me to work. I didn't really think as how I'd have a choice. But... what is there to go back to? Lady Zilna would never forgive me for being able to learn and her not. I know work as a lady's maid, but I'm not pretty enough to be a really highly placed one, so I couldn't get a well-paying job. I suppose I could find some small low house and settle in, maybe marry a stable boy and have babies, but I don't much like children. But those are all selfish reasons." Girt chewed her lip, looking down and to one side. "If I can learn this, and it's useful... Aes Sedai can't lie, and Unari Sedai said it was important, so it must be. I never really thought I'd ever be important. I suppose if this needs doing, it's my responsibility to see it done, isn't it? Aes Sedai make the world a better place, and that means more Aes Sedai make it better still..." She looked up at Valeri. "I know I'm not smart, but it seems like this is the right thing to do. If it's worse than the life I've already led, well, I guess I can get used to that, but you did say there were free days sometimes, and if I don't have to buy my own dresses or bleach, that'll save me money. Um, not that I have any left now, anyway. Since you said there's other common folk, I'll wager you pay enough for us to tend to our room and board, and our other necessaries. Though I WOULD like enough of an advance to visit the kitchens today, if it please the Aes Sedai." Girt glanced at the purse on the desk, frowning, then back up at Valeri. "So that's three, isn't it? The selfish, the selfless, the pragmatic. Da always told me to look for three reasons before making a big decision, and that's three. Easy to find plenty of reasons not to, but the only really troublesome one is that I might do ill with the power, and I figure that that one's on me to be careful. I found I MIGHT do ill with any number of things, and it's my most important job not to, because It's RIGHT not to. So I won't." She swallowed, then continued. "Easier just to not learn, so I don't need to be so careful, but that also ignores the responsibility. Okay. I'm sorry for chattering so long, and I won't question if you beat me for it, but I'd like to become an Aes Sedai, please." Girt sat back, calm, resolute, and finally, blessedly quiet, watching the other woman levelly, her composure spoiled by a loud grumbling from her belly. Her eyes widened, and she clapped her hands to her belly, cheeks turning red.
  9. After what felt like four months, but surely was no more than a few seconds, Girt rested her head on Meridian's shoulder. She closed her eyes, struggling against the urge to cry harder, and snuggled closer, surprised at how a simple consolation could break through years of heartache and pain. She breathed slowly, evenly, calming herself, calming her nerves, then murmured softly, "There's nothing there for me anymore, Meridian. Lady Zilna won't have me, now that I embarrassed her by being able to learn to use the Power. But... I thank you for the thought. You are not like most nobles I know." Girt sat up, blinking, and realized that was perhaps not the best thing to have said. "That's not a bad thing, you know. You're one of the nice ones! I know you didn't have to be kind to me, and I appreciate it. I hope you'll forgive me; sometimes I say stupid things." She smiled shyly. "I AM hungry. If you're hungry too, there might still be food left. And the Mistress of Novices said I was going to have to learn book knowledge stuff, so I had an idea I'd like to discuss." She licked her lips a bit nervously, not knowing if this would be a good idea.
  10. Girt listened attentively as Valeri Sedai explained the clothing situation. Well, that would have saved some time and effort. Seemed a waste to burn them, but it was just dresses. Her eyes were drawn to the tome again. The thing seemed ancient beyond time, and the girl figured it must be some ancient object of the power. It is not an easy life. You will be expected to do chores, study many subjects, including the One Power. There are rarely free days, and even then you must adhere to all White Tower rules. If you are caught breaking any rules you will be sent to me for punishment, Valeri had said. This all seemed standard, but… guidance? Comfort? Girt looked at her hands, trying to hide her discomfort and confusion, and her belly gurgled audibly causing her to flush with embarrassment. “Forgive me, Valeri Sedai… you said rarely free days. Does that mean there are, um, there are SOME free days?” She tried to hide the thrill of excitement, and continued, not wanting to spoil the mood. “And I will study? Like schooling? Where you sit and listen and learn things, like a proper lady?” Girt froze, and stared at Valeri Sedai, her heart sinking. “Oh… I think perhaps I was not clear, Valeri Sedai. I am not a noble girl. I am a stupid serving girl and lady’s maid, and schooling is not for the likes of me.” Girt held up her chapped hands, the roughened flesh betraying her rude upbringing. “I will gladly do all the chores, especially with free days!” She broke into a brilliant smile. “Free days! And I will learn whatever I can about the One Power until I become Aes Sedai, but I do not want to mislead anyone. I am a stupid girl and incapable of learning education things.” This was said with the ease and unconcern that only comes from constant repetition. She considered the rest of what Valeri had said, oblivious to the expression of consternation on the older woman’s face, and continued, “You said guidance and comfort? Are you my new mum, then?” Girt shifted on the little chair, and sat on her hands, avoiding eye contact, but the look on her face was full of worry, hope, and loneliness. “My other mum died six years past. It wasn’t her fault, though. She didn’t steal nothing. She was a good mum.” She finally fell silent, staring at the floor, feeling lost.
  11. Girt surveyed the room, then the Aes Sedai at her desk. It wasn’t messy, strictly speaking, but… cluttered. With an enormous tome. It would be annoying to clean; they always wanted you to be careful of getting dust on the books and papers and all that. Dropping a deep curtsey, she nodded nervously. “Yes, Aes Sedai, I would like some tea very much, thank you.” Walking over to the tea set, Girt hesitated. There was no flame. She blinked several times, then turned, confused, and walked to the chair, blushing. Sitting on the edge of the chair, she stared at the desk in front of her, and at the huge book. She swallowed nerves, and continued, “I am called Girt Salinas. I was sent to the White Tower by Unari Sedai, who tested me and says that I can learn how to use the One Power, and that I must go and learn and become Aes Sedai. I know little of this, but I take her at her word, of course. She gave me this purse, with 20 Andoran marks, to see me safely here, but warned me not to waste it.” Girt placed a nearly full purse on the desk with a clunk. “I did have to spend one silver penny to pay the caravan driver who aided me in travelling, one copper bit for a meal at an inn near Whitebridge, and two copper for a banking receipt to hold my necklace against my eventual ascendance to Aes Sedai.” Girt took a small stack of papers, and set them on the desk as well. “Here are receipts indicating amount paid. I will stay as long as needed to repay the debt, I give my word under the light. The remainder, 19 crowns and change, are still in the purse.” A blink, then she shook her head, then leaned forward, tugging off a boot. She turned it up, and another coin rolled out into her hand, one of the gold marks. “Well… now they are. Da always said a coin in the boot could save a girl’s life.” She tucked the coin into the purse, apparently unmindful of the unpleasantness of a coin that had seen heavy foot-wear. “I never understood that one. Mostly it made my foot ache.” Shifting uncomfortably, she continued. “And I am to submit myself for punishment. A dark-haired Aes Sedai with dark skin and a mouth like she chewed a lemon, Rinoa Sedai? I do not recall her name precisely. Rinoa Sedai says I am to tell you I am an insolent and indolent child, that I do not pay attention, and have not been attending my studies. I believe, though I am not sure, that she was trying to explain something called an angry L, and she scolded me when I said I did not know that the letters had moods. I am supposed to request ten lashes as a reminder of my place. One of the girls with the rainbow on her dress says I am a stupid novice, and should tell the Mistress of Novices that I am disrespectful to Accepted, because I asked her where you were, and my tone was one of frustration rather than courteous submission, and an Aes Sedai named Maolin has said that when I have finished speaking with you, I am to return to her rooms and finish scrubbing her hearth, for it is clearly all I am good for, and that I am to not stop for food beforehand. She had taken me to her rooms to attend her as a maid, I believe, and when she sent me for fresh ink, I told her I did not know where to find it.” Girt swallowed, staring at the floor, cheeks red. “Valeri Sedai, I am sorry, but I believe that there is a grave misunderstanding here. Begging your pardon, please, but…” Mouth dry, she met the other woman’s eyes, and continued in a tone of quiet desperation, sitting there in her dirtied novice dress, “I am not a novice yet! I do not know why people think I am! Please. I do not know where things are, or what an angry L, or angry M is, and I do not know what accepted things ARE, let alone how to respect them, and I AM very hungry, and if I am not to be a novice, then after you have beaten me, and I have finished scrubbing the fireplace, might I at least visit the kitchens before I begin working off my debt?” Girt hanged her head again, obviously weary, her stomach audibly gurgling. She clapped her hands to her belly, cheeks turning even redder. It was not a good look for the already quite plain girl.
  12. Eyes bright, Girt bowed her head and did a perfect servant’s curtsey to Loraine Sedai, not smiling (Servants were NOT to smile, and clearly novices, neither), but gratitude shone on her features nonetheless. Her belly had started to grumble. It would be useful, should the wine flow freely enough for people to loosen up. It was also good to know that not all the Aes Sedai were as pointlessly mean and pedantic as her instructor had been in the class about the history of the wheel. She had thought that would be an interesting overview of the world, but the woman insisted on teaching about different milling techniques, and then scolded Girt fiercely when she’d quite reasonably and unobtrusively fallen asleep. She caught herself frowning, and forced a calm demeanor back. Loraine Sedai was nice. That wink suggested a willingness to overlook a bit of pilfering, which could definitely come in handy in the future. When Kira Sedai arrived in her lovely blue gown and sapphire pendant, Girt stepped closer to her, belly growling again over the buffet. With a quick glance at the table, she held up the tray. A shy, tiny smile would be appropriate in response to a compliment, wouldn’t it? The ugly novice smiled gratefully, and in a soft voice replied, “Thank you, Aes Sedai.” Girt watched the gathering carefully, offering a glass to a stone-faced warder, who accepted with a glance and a small nod, then a jewel-bedecked noble woman. Retreating to the more familiar Aes Sedai, she watched the group carefully, trying to discern the political connections between these women. They were every bit as convoluted as any noble court, and Girt knew very well how that kind of thing could turn on the low-born with nary a moment’s notice. Two blue, now, and one purple. Maybe they were both blue ajah? She stepped a little closer, attempting to hear a bit more of what they were saying. The newcomer was friendly enough, cheerful, even, but the first Blue sister… there was the sound of cracking. Knowing the sound of shattering glass quite well, Girt stepped closer, prepared to replace the glass before it spilled too much, but then the Aes Sedai turned and lunged at Girt. Startled, the girl let out a squawk, red wine splashing over the floor and the hem of her gown. She stared down, eyes wide. Oh, light, oh light, I cannot afford to replace those, what will they do to me? Will I be sent out of the tower? Is this how it ends? The Aes Sedai snarled at her, “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” Girt blinked, startled by the look in Ellisha Sedai’s eye, as much as by the tone of her voice, and the words. She wants to strike me. Light, she wishes me dead! No Aes Sedai would behave that way, and so Girt realized she’d been mistaken this whole time. She dipped a deep curtsey, head nearly to the ground. “My deepest apologies, milady. I shall request that the Mistress of Novices, one of the Aes Sedai, address my clumsiness and crude behavior. I beg you not to measure the hospitality of the White Tower based on my witless performance here this evening.” That should suit any noble lady, even one with a stick the size of Cairhien up her rump. As Girt began to rise, she saw the ring on the other woman's finger, and froze, turning even more pale. Oh. Blood and ashes. Blood and bloody ashes! She was AES SEDAI? The young girl began to tremble.
  13. Girt watched Meridian carefully, not sure how the other girl would react. But her words, while haughty and arrogant, did seem somewhat genuine. Then she offered to help wash her hair. Girt looked away, blinking several times. No, don't cry, you're not a cry-baby bunting. You'll scare her off. Girt regained her composure in time to catch the question. Why DO I miss it? It was a fair question. She thought about it a long time, smiling slightly at the mention of cats. "No one was nice, but most people were not cruel, either. And I did care about some people. Lady Zilna. She saved me, and I was her maid. She was cruel to me, yes, but she saved me when her lady mum was going to throw me out on the street, even though I never did anything for to warrant it." Girt swallowed a lump in her throat at the painful memory, then continued. "So, I worked for Lady Zilna and I ran her bath and brushed her hair and I dressed her and brought her food, and she was only cruel to me when I was stupid and slow, when I deserved it. And when Unari Sedai came to the manor, Lady Zilna let me be tested, even though she had no ability to learn. I... I did not like it there, but I do not like it here, either, so that's nothing new. As far as I can tell, I don't have to work any less here than I did there, so that doesn't seem to make a difference, but... there was home. It was unpleasant, but it was home." Her eyes began to water a bit, and her voice took on a little quaver, getting higher and louder as she went on, pain beginning to seep into her tone. "And every day took me further and further away, and I don't think I could find my way back if I tried, and now I'm here in Tar Valon, and it's supposed to be the best place in the world, but the stupid walls didn't shine because it was cloudy and I got yelled at by a stupid accepted and that Aes Sedai and she made me get ashes all over my freshly white dress and cobwebs in my hair and I HATE it here! I wanna go home! I don't know anyone and everyone's mean but you and you brushed my hair and I messed it all up by yelling at you even though you're a NICE lady and I don't have my necklace and I'm gonna fail here because I'm just a stupid girl who messes things up!" At the end, wailing in obvious distress, Girt clearly vented a lot of pent-up stress. Then, pressing her face to her knees, there was a muffled, "I'm sorry."
  14. Girt listened to Meridian, ashamed of and embarrassed by her outburst. Why did I expect so much from a noble lady? Why would I think she wanted to be friends? Why... Oh. Why did she brush my hair? She continued laying there for a long moment, then rolled over, facing the other girl. "I apologize for my outburst. It was unjust; you have no reason to be friends without knowing me, and Light knows my reactions have likely been rather unlikeable. I just..." Girt sat up, looking down at her knees. "It has been a very long time since anyone showed me, um, kindness. You brushed my hair. With your brush. I was not expecting that. I do not have nice hair, I know, and besides, no one really wants to touch me, but..." She gave a heavy sigh, and finally lifted her eyes to meet Meridian's. Her eyes were a drab, dull brown, with care lines already creasing the corners. "It took me off balance, you being nice to me, and I interpreted it more deeply than you meant it. I am truly sorry. I will show you to the baths, if you like, or we can go take our meals together. You did not deserve my ire." Girt pulled her feet up to the bed, and wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging tightly, staring straight ahead. "Thank you for brushing my hair. It was very nice, and a kindness I do not deserve. I miss home." Her tone was rather haunted, expression forlorn, her voice soft and distant. "It was a long journey."
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