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  1. Thank you both for the quick replies, pants-less and Ryrin. Interesting name, sounds like Friday and Saturday nights.
  2. Been gone for a while, never got a chance last time to get very involved with playing. Hope someone would be willing to show me how, I haven't played an RP on a computer before. Ill be seeing you...
  3. Good luck Ryrin, I hope all goes well. I hope you recover quickly and they get done all they need to, to make you well.
  4. I really don't think it matters or not, what their orientation, for some of them it sounded as though the AoL had orgies that Graendal couldn't leave to the past, reminded me of ancient Greeks and Romans.
  5. * This Novice sneaks in the thread* Welcome to the thread Shift! Welcome to the thread Staven ! I want to thank you for your service *hugs* Edited by KassidyRose DaiShan, Today, 06:07 AM. Thank you, but no thanks is necessary, it is a privilege to serve.
  6. Posted Today, 04:40 AM What's an IDC? Quote MultiQuote Report It's an independent duty corpsman.
  7. They fund the whole thing and I get paid while I go to school as well.
  8. I'm enlisted, but I still have all my own patients. I'm finishing, my bachelors so I can go to a another program that will give me my MD.
  9. Thanks UC, still trying to figure out all the formatting, but having fun getting in some of the convo's about the DM.
  10. Nothing wrong with the Coast Guard, someone has to get liberty after all, lol, I'm kidding, they actually have some advanced medics that go to school with us.
  11. My handle really isn't anything particularly interesting. I'm an IDC in the Navy been in for the past 11 and a half years, I've moved around alot, and I love the WoT series, I've read through it 4 times with exception of the last 3 books, and still listen to them all on audio as well. This series has been with me through the best and worst of times, and I love to get lost in the fantasy.
  12. Thank you Mother, I will be along there soon. As for puddle pirates, I always considered the coasties to be puddle pirates, I'm deep water Navy.
  13. Oh cool, I've got family in AF, my kid brother is stationed here in hawaii with me which is awesome. Thanks again for the help, I'm having fun exploring already and it's so awesome to share ideas with other fans and hear some of theirs as well.
  14. Wow thank you I had wondered over this for a while after finishing the last book.
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