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Need a little IC help, please.


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It's nothing big, but this would be a help to me. It might be early, but I'm already thinking about which way I'm going to go with this novice. What I'm wondering is how many, roughly, active AS are in each of these Ajahs:







I'm asking because it will factor into my decision, OOC-wise. I mentioned before that I used to RP years ago, and I always liked seeing at least one or two AS in each ajah very active, so that will factor into my decision. I can see my novice going for one of these four, so that's why I ask about them. I figure that green and blue would be the most active, because usually they are the most favored. If anyone could give me an idea, I'd be grateful. :) Thanks!

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As of last month's report, we currently have:


Green Ajah: 7 Active 


Blue: 1 Active, 1 inactive, 2 LoA


Brown: 1 Active, 1 LoA


White: 3 Active


However, these numbers reflect activity over a 3 month period, both IC and OOC. Thus, not every member is active every month, and just because one ajah has a higher Active number it doesn't mean that they always have more RPs. It could be that one member of a smaller ajah has more RPs on the go or is actually around more than others. It could be that if there were members in the ajah to play with activity may come back to smaller ajahs. 


For those reasons I would aim to avoid choosing an Ajah based on activity. There are staff who can play any NSW character you may need of an ajah if there are no active members of the ajah (for instance staff could play the NSW Head to welcome you and train you and approve your missions - should you choose to accept it <.<) 


Also, activity fluctuates and there is no guarantee that the larger ajahs will hold activity and the smaller ones will stay small. 


Furthermore, the ajah you chose is the one your character is stuck in. You don't want to force your character to do something she wouldn't really be suited for just because it seemed good OOC. You should choose the best choice IC for your character and give yourself the most options for character development and desire. Find your Aes Sedai's purpose/motivation/drive/desire for the future and figure out which ajah would be best to see that come to light in. 

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And that's why I asked about those four in particular. I know that Red is right out with this character, and Yellow too. I can see Green, Blue, Brown, or White. I'm still fleshing her out of course. In my head, the way that she'll turn out, it will

lean more towards Brown or White. I can see her being more of a Green than a Blue. But who knows. I just like activity, and not necessarily for my own gain. ;) I'll sort it out. I was just curious, really. Thanks!

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I was kind of inactive for awhile, but I should be more active again now. I couldn't deal with being "someone else" while I was dealing

with all of the illnesses in my house. But I'm a novice....hopefully raised to Accepted soon. I think I'm only one req away from it. 

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Yeah, I only have one more req left for that. I already have it planned out too, it's just a matter of writing it and getting it posted now.

But it sort of ties into an rp that I am currently in, and I believe that it is almost over. (Just depends on how many more posts Wolfie

needs) But soooooon, precccioussss. ;)

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