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and girls, seems the Cavs CG ordered way to many horses for training. So we decided to give them out here to anyone who asks for one. These are not our esteemed warhorses they were horses ordered to train us Cav newbies. They are still good horses for the most part. But I do believe they may have gotten into Cindy's catnip.  :blink:


So if you would like one of these fine *coughs* specimens post here and I will make sure you get the perfect match for you. 

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I'm here, sorry guys. I had to go do that nasty little thing that keeps me from DM ......... work. *shudders* Anyway I'll be right back with your horsies!

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Oooo, extra horses! Do you have an horses that are good at jokes?  Storm Dancer likes to laugh but doesn't get a lot of human jokes.



To me horse jokes are like Aiel humor............I just don't get it. 


Apparently the stable hand does though. This guy should keep Storm Dancer laughing.


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why can i see bunyan running around asserting his dominance now???





What Bunyan needs is a fashionable filly to keep him occupied. This little lady is the most fashionable of the bunch.She's an absolute princess and so beautiful in pink.



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For some reason, I have a feeling I should go against the old saying and look these horses in the mouth.


Oh our  first Archer!!  All that marching hurting your feet? This handsome little guy, I am told, rides like a cloud.




*looks around* He's around here somewhere.........



*catches sight of him but in a rather tight predicament*




Um................... well.....................









you may have to get him out of the tree.......



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There's no anvil to drop BFG. No prank of any kind. Just trying to give away these fabulous horses. Looks to me you could use one yourself.


Here ya go. This little guy loves to spend time with people and likes to mimic whatever they are doing.



Awww look he's joined you at the fence already!



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