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Who really likes spam? I mean, canned meat? srsly?


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I understand what you mean. If I had the means to NOT buy crap meat I would. But I shop out of necessity. Too expensive to shop healthy and I like meat too much. Sadly. I try to shop smartly to not fund the mass meat markets. I've watched too many damn food documentaries. The most awful thing i have ever seen was a cattle farm where a cow had a hole surgically placed to one of it's stomach's for the handlers to be able to see how the food is processed. It had waht looked like a sink stopper with a one foot diameter to it. This guy walks up, 'un-plugs' the stomach, reaches his *thankfully gloved* hand into it's STOMACH and pull out a handful of "feed" and then dump it back in and "plug" the cow back up.





well, there goes meat for dinner tonight. Maybe for the next few days......

Yeah, like that....





And theeeeen my friend sent me this factory pig video, couldn't even watch half of it without almost fainting, and then started reading articles from organisations like Make It Possible and...well, I don't think I'll eat meat again. I feel too much for animals, and after stuff I've experienced my morals just say a big fat NOPE in the face of it :P


....I simply cannot, however, give up cheese. OMG. How I lurves cheese...

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Also, good point. I'm a poor travelling in-between high school and uni student gap year personage who really needs to save money and healthy meat is expeeeensive.


Not that all organic/healthy- labelled meat in shops is handled well by its farmers either. I bet lots of the time they just stick the labels on. Illusion = shattered.


/deep contemplation of twisted morals in animal-human relations in agriculture before bedtime.

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it's ok, the cows are very happy in Pennsylvania... they never see it coming. and I sure the pork... erm... piggies are, too.


and oh the delicious fuzzy lambikins....


the chickens are just chickens to me but they seem well loved.


but... these are handled well, and not spammed.

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Or we could talk about shrimp like bubba tells Forrest Gump! Want me to name all the ways you can have shrimp?

MY TIGS!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!! Thanks for checkin out my thread. ;)


Lets sea *see what I did there*


Shrimps the fruit of the sea

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