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Who really likes spam? I mean, canned meat? srsly?


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"I can never think of things to start topics on. lol I am not very good at spam. Though I DO like spam. Cube it, with some shredded cheese and put it on top of some fresh Italian bread slices and throw it in the broiler real quick. Pretty tasty........."


Can you quote yourself? Suppose I just did. Can't believe for how long I have been here on this bloody site I can STILL not come up with a thread topic. I have nothing to offer!!!



But then, I was told this could ACTUALLY be a legitimate topic? Spam? A legitimate topic? How can you take canned meat seriosuly? For me? I love god awful unnatural foods. hahaha But i have always been a singularity with it and i have never actually met omeone to share that interest.


sooooo, well, that's my completely unconnected ramble for today. Ummm,



FRANZ FERDINAND EVERYBODY!!! *claps and sidles off stage.......*



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Eep, noooo :P s'long we're talking about the canned in gloopygloop meat variety... No thanks, I shudder when I come across stuff like that these days. Anything greasy or in jelly or so *goosebumps* XD but then again, I am veggo now so *flees from all the meatlovers*

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Let's just say I had gruesome cruel bad experiences while working on an NZ dairy farm a couple years back, and since they export it internationally on a big scale, I decided to go ditch meat once i leave home (cos we homeslaughter as well but I know how well ours are treated).


So, partly protest, partly guilt and revulsion :P and healthynew thing to try *shrug*

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I understand what you mean. If I had the means to NOT buy crap meat I would. But I shop out of necessity. Too expensive to shop healthy and I like meat too much. Sadly. I try to shop smartly to not fund the mass meat markets. I've watched too many damn food documentaries. The most awful thing i have ever seen was a cattle farm where a cow had a hole surgically placed to one of it's stomach's for the handlers to be able to see how the food is processed. It had waht looked like a sink stopper with a one foot diameter to it. This guy walks up, 'un-plugs' the stomach, reaches his *thankfully gloved* hand into it's STOMACH and pull out a handful of "feed" and then dump it back in and "plug" the cow back up.





well, there goes meat for dinner tonight. Maybe for the next few days......

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