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Who really likes spam? I mean, canned meat? srsly?


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Yayyyyy for drugs!!! Well, herbal drugs, nothing man made. That's not fun. I am all doped up myself right now at work. Only on cold meds though and that's not fun. I just feel............fuzzy, like Pink Floyd says, my hands feel just like two balloons. hahahaha I bet I could make a buck up there. Sell my arse! Be my own pimp. lol Damn. 555 miles suuuuuuucks. I know if that were my case I would be sick. Especially if it were a somebody and not a something. Not being able to just see them let alone touch them or hug them and make sure they are okay. i take things for granted myself. My ma lives downstairs from me and I talk to her MAYBE once a week. Maybe. If i were 555 miles away though maybe it would be different. Yeah, i really think it would be. I would want to call her every day just to say I love you and hear her voice. Or, if electronics decide tow work WITH me instead of AGAINST me I could skype with her. (once i taught her how to actually USE skype tht is) I know her face will never dim in my mind but that far away I would want to see her as oftn as i can. Okayyyyy, cold-meds induced ramble OVER

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Mills, I'm sure she would want to talk to you everyday if she was 555 miles away also. Or if she lived downstairs! She loves you and wants to see your face ALL the TIME not just when shes away. That's how moms are :)


It feels really nice when someone calls to say they love you for no other reason than to hear your voice. Or just simply because they miss you. My boys do that when hey spend the night away and it warms my heart.



Skype hates me too btw :)

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