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Who really likes spam? I mean, canned meat? srsly?


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well... sure i do... but mostly nowadays i have the guy at the fish counter steam them for me cause it's a pain in the butt


you can kill them first but... it's no kinder and... i won;t even describe it to you.  let's just say you need a good sharp knife.


these creatures are very primitive, they're dead the second the heat hits them and... if you've ever eaten one you'll note a serious lack of brain... they are quite literally large insects.  and not bright ones.


they have to be cooked live or just barely dead because they decay so rapidly.


i wouldn't touch one i didn't see fighting before it fed me.  

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they don't.


they don't have the vocal chords or the oral mechanism to scream.


the sound you sometimes hear is the air under the exoskeletons expanding in the sudden heat and being rapidly expelled from small gaps in the armor.


if you do like to eat them and can't deal with the deadiing you can have the seafood ppl at any grocer or monger steam them for you, save you the mess too.


they stay hot all the way home, and they go real well with fries you pick up on the way.


i like mine with guacamole sometimes. 


or... you can just eat other stuff.  


they've always been one of my favorite noms.  they were an unobtainable and somewhat forbidden luxury so... :myrddraal:

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things we eat.. things we kill ... have a strong visceral, no pun intended, impact on us.


noone should tell you what to nom... your body and soul would rebel.


i think i could go altered states in the right circumstances but... most humans are past the canines piercing flesh and the sweet life force flowing and....




spam, yes.


spam is good. 



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