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What I did with my own two hands


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I once had a thought that I would like to live in a cabin in the woods ... but I don't think I would like it in the wintertime.


Plus I would want someone to do the wood chopping.


Hear hear Independence sucks sometimes.

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But I'm learning to program. planning to go into computer science in college. So I type a lot. And play with all sorts of cables. Fun stuff.

 I knew it!


Tangling with cables can be fun. Beware of cables when you're on a ladder.


Someday a game might have your name on it and I'm so gonna play it.


O brave new world with such people in it.


See still relevant.

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Have you learned to play the Mafia yest?


New and Not So New BT Members.


Come and play Mafia - it is fun. If you have never played Mafia before it is ok. We will give you advice and help - and we will be relatively gentle ... I even have a Rough Guide Thingy if you would like to take a peek?


This is a great way to get to know your fellow BT Members more better and you can earn oodles of points too :)


If you sign up to play your very first Game at the BT you will be given an additional 10 Bonus Points, if you finish the game, as a reward. Everyone has to start somewhere and we would like you to start here. Just advise it is your 1st game when you sign up. Anyone who encourages a new player to sign up will be given a bonus of 5 points as long as they finish the Game.


Our current Game in Sign Ups is Heart's Pokemon Gen III Game. You can find it here:






Let's get this Game filled.

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