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What I did with my own two hands


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try a wedge splitter instead of an axe with the wood. the weight, leverage and shape do most of the work for you, and the edge isn't as sharp or deadly. it's got a good stable heft and if you have any eye at all it'll go where you want it. not as likely to make chips fly either.


if you're not strong enough to steady the section with one hand and swing with the other... I never was... set up a good platform, at a good height for you to maximize the force and minimize the stress, and kind of box it in, or have solid sections too narrow to split, to snug up against the one you're splitting. nothing serious, just to stop it bouncing away.


you're splitting fresh cut or aged? what kind of wood? what kind of stove?


you've done this before or just figuring your way around?


I can talk about fire as much as gardening or cooking but ill restrain myself :)


had a wood stove for all the heat and half the cooking for a decade or so but then there was the inevitable chimney fire so I don't burn things in my house anymore.


Thanks for the tip Cindy. Will certainly try your suggestions it's really practical.

I'm just figuring things out as I go. As for the wood it's mostly aged but sometimes fresh cut. The wood are mostly from trees found in Australian bush like gumtrees and brushwood sometimes old fruit trees. I'm not really sure because when I got them it's cut into roundish logs which I have to split so it could all fit into my potbellied stove.

I do not want to relay on a man for this. I don't want to be considered a weakling for not being able to split my own wood!


Chimney fire is one of my biggest fear as well, but as the stove is really hard to heat I'm more impatient at how long it takes to heat my space. It's one large studio in the bush which I've divided into sections using screens.

The stove needs fixing also. The gaps between its foundation and potbelly has come apart.

I'm also cooking on gas stove which can be temperamental.


I'm basically rebuilding the whole kitchen from scratch so there's lots of things to do with my own two hands here :dry: 

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Only thing I do with my hands is type, and I'm not sure that counts.

 Of course it counts. It's not exactly a creative thread :) It's anything you think you're good at doing.


Are you good at typing? How many words per minute?

What kind of things do you type? Essays, stories?

When you go on forums do you type amusing comments, informative, challenging?


I'm sure you do more on computer than just type though :)

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*tsk* Like create a really cool game or a website(it's not all American Pie you know)

I'm learning to program a game myself. Find it tricky though. But having lots of fun learning as it involves other people who knows more and discussing the type of games is soooo much fun....


Learning to do things makes life just interesting:)

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Yeah yeah i know i'm overextended and overambitious but after so looooong being a wage slave, which sucks the life out of you i'msuperexcited and want to do do everything i missed out on!! And you should've seen the other mums here. They're so impressive multitaskers it's making me sick. I'm only paying catchup to them believe you me.


They're releasing their own independent cds, playing soccer, organised protests, write books, start their own community gardens, do crafts markets...the mind boggles at all the things they've achieved.


It's a small village so you have to create your own fun and ways to make money

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Yeah making things is so satisfying. You look at it after and feel so proud that you've actually done it. Even hemming clothes. I still look at my stitching and get a glow ot pride that I did it myself.


You see I've still got punk ethos of do it yourself and making do. In fact it was frown upon if you bought anything and didn't take it apart. So we use to buy leather jacket from second hand shops then cut it and stick studs on it. Takes hours just to look like crap. Those holey tights are stategically placed for effect you know and used to take me half an hour standing in front of the mirror to do :) Anything with safety pins takes a lot of effort. I was a glamour punk.

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