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Congrats, that's it out into the big bad world, just take some Asprin before you go...


We don't have high school...nor graduation (at least not in my day)...End of year Disco, a few parties and that was it. Actually the dicso was before the exams...haha. I loved school...college I hated. Life was much better than college. 

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What TMD said, and also get the credits done at a community college or something then transfer to a bigger college. Do some research on federal education funding programs as well, don't fall into the student loans trap.


Unfortunately, getting a college degree no longer guarantees you a job in the outside world, so almost more important than the degree itself is the opportunity to network and build connections. And be smart about social networking, nowadays employers look at sites like facebook and stuff a ton, so present yourself as a professional as much as possible.


Also, don't get burnt out!

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