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I'm back, must be the turning of the wheel...

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Greetings all,


Been many a moon since I last posted on these boards.  I'm very glad to see the sight is still around and being ran so well.  Just finished aMoL and I feel like a part of my life is now complete.  I started reading when I was a sophomore in high school, back in '92.  I've read, and re-read, the books continuously since then, with a few other FF series thrown in here and there to keep myself sane while waiting for each next book.  I've spread the gospel of the World of the Wheel to many people.  I believe it is without a doubt, one of the great experiences of my life.  I don't think I'll ever read another series this big (unless the Stormlight saga turns out as great as it could Mr. Sanderson...but, until then...).  I'm glad to be on here sharing with people who feel the same passion about the series as I do.


Tai Shar All!



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Welcome; Or should I say Welcome Back!

When you have a little time you should take a look through the discussion forums for some great theories, information & discussions. You should also take a moment to check out the Social Groups and see which of them seem to click for you (You are not limited to just one either). Each group has something different to offer such as the Black Tower's tainted brownies & spam or the Band of the Red Hand's taverns & discussions on music/arts. The social groups can be a little silly at times but are almost always a lot of fun and a great way for you to interact with a number of other DM members. If you are into Role Play then you should also take a look at the RP forums.

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Welcome back jbrock!  We've been getting quite a few old members coming back lately.  Myself included!  Were you a member of any of the Social Groups (may have been called Orgs when you were here) back in the day?  How long have you been away?  *grins* 


I actually haven't finished the series yet.  I know, I know, what am I waiting for?  LOL  I actually lost interest in the series and now the interest is back again.  I really can't say what caused me to lose interest, but there ya have it.  Now I"m doing a re-read so I can finally finish the series.


HOpe to see you around!  Again, welcome back!!

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