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  1. Zaahuqaanaah you sir are in for a roller coaster ride. These series of books are truly epic. I just capped off my 22 year love affair a few days ago...and i am plotting to start it all over again :)
  2. By killing DO he would destroy what it means to be human, to chose between good and evil. I interpet that he sealed the Dark One outside of the pattern so he can no longer directly effect it like he has previously - but not preventing him from effecting those still in the pattern.
  3. At the end he could not draw on Saidin or True Power but he does have something else; He regarded his pipe, riding up a little incline to the side of Thakan'dar, now covered in plants. No way to light the tabac. He inspected it for a moment in the darkness, then thought of the pipe being lit. And it was. ???
  4. As I posted in my introduction thread, I started this epic series in 1991 back in a guard shack in Germany. I was hoping the book would help pass the time during my 12 hour shift. 22 years later I am not the same but better for having read this. I just finished last night and I am still profoundly effected by this wonderous work.
  5. "Please," Androl whispered, so soft. "Children, Logain." They're slaughtering the children..." Logain closed his eyes. Logain had only ever wanted to save the world. He truly did not believe he was a false dragon. He was tortured and hated by so many...the scars from his capture are stilling haunt him until the very end. The end when; Light bathed them. He stopped. That beam of light to the north...channeling like none he'd ever felt before, not even at the cleansing. Such power. "It's happening," Gabrelle said, stepping up to him. Logain reached to his belt, then took three items form his pouch. Discs, half white, half black. The nearby Asha'man turned toward him, pausing in healing and comforting the people. "Do it," Gabrelle said. "Do it, Sealbreaker." Logain snapped the once unbreakable seals, one by one, and dropped the pieces to the ground. I think here is where Min's prophecy about Logain is fulfilled! So many good things about Logain...and in the end he will be one of the great rulers of the 4th Age. "The Black Tower protects," Logain heard himself say. "Always."
  6. I couldn't agree more with you about how you feel after finishing WoT....
  7. ...and as I finish today I find myself full of emotion. I cannot express how beautiful and a part of my life this series has been. I feel like I lost a Father when Robert Jordan passed...but found a brother with Brandon Sanderson. The ending was perhaps all I could have hoped for...the very ending words most fitting; "He came like the wind, and like the wind touched everything, and like the wind was gone."
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