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  1. Overall, there were a lot of deaths. More than I was expecting. I was thinking it would be mostly "extras" and maybe a couple of b-list characters just to give it some impact, but I was way off! They took out major players in the series, and some of thing quickly and with very little warning, and not much fan-fair afterwords. I remember shouting "Holy Cow! NO Stinkin WAY!!" like five or six times! My wife, who has read the entire series except aMoL (because I called Dibs on reading it first :) had to sit and listen to me make my exclamations. She wanted to ask me soooo bad, but she knew I wouldn't tell her. lol The saddest moments for me though, in no particular order: Loial and the Ogier wading into the most gruesome fighting, over and over. Gawyn realizing he was going to lose, then losing. Compounded with his talk with Galad. Then made even worse when Galad fell to Demondred too. I was completely shocked. I couldn't stop reading even though I was furious. Bela was bad. Siuan dying. It was worse because she had finally got things good with Garyth, and when he died, it was just all bad. Avienda killing Rhuarc was insane. That guy was the living embodiment of the Aiel. Almost forgot. When the Sharans came pooring out of the massive gateway right into the heart of the AS camp. That was so out of left field. I wasn't even thinking of those guys and all of a sudden - BAM! And they had tons of male and female channelers. That was bad! There was just so much. This book was a crazy emotional roller coaster.
  2. I hope this is not a topic that has already been addressed in a different forum, but I believe it is an important one for discussion. Please reply with all opinions, ideas, theories, etc.. Thanks! Did anyone else notice, from the time Rand, Mat, and Perrin start to display signs of Ta'veren, they never wind up at the same place together. You will see two of them cross paths now and then, but it is only for a short time, then one of them will go off to do their own thing. Obviously, their strong pull on the pattern reeked havoc on any place they stayed at too long. Having all three together would be a nightmare for a town, let alone a large city! But I thought for sure all three would need to literally be at the same place together in the end for the final confrontation with the DO. Obviously, we saw in MoL it took the combined efforts of all three to win at the end. Each one taking advantage of their unique skills to fill a certain roll. But the continued mention of the "pull" each one felt to each other, and more specifically, from Rand to the other two, him drawing them to him, I was waiting the whole time for them to quit whatever it was they were doing and fight their way down into the cave to join with Rand. Combining their strength and bending the pattern to their will or something like that. Any thoughts?
  3. So did I. And I also expected tahat Aiel will be there too (SHADO?) and that Aviendha will find them a song in that ter’angreal music box I have to agree. I actually had been looking forward to the answer to the "mysterious song" from the Tuath'an (sp?) from the very beginning of the series. I am a bit disappointed there really was no song for them to ever find. I am a singer and a music teacher, so it is possible, this just resinated in me a little more so because of my love of music. It just seems like there are so many ways it could have been used. I can't remember the Traveling People ever once hearing an Ogier sing. I may have to re-read the series, but I don't think that ever happened. And as for talents being lost, that was what the whole second have of the series was about. People finding supposedly lost talents, and the manifestation of New talents and skills that hadn't even been thought of in the AoL. It could have been addressed and played in well with the story. Oh well.
  4. Greetings all, Been many a moon since I last posted on these boards. I'm very glad to see the sight is still around and being ran so well. Just finished aMoL and I feel like a part of my life is now complete. I started reading when I was a sophomore in high school, back in '92. I've read, and re-read, the books continuously since then, with a few other FF series thrown in here and there to keep myself sane while waiting for each next book. I've spread the gospel of the World of the Wheel to many people. I believe it is without a doubt, one of the great experiences of my life. I don't think I'll ever read another series this big (unless the Stormlight saga turns out as great as it could Mr. Sanderson...but, until then...). I'm glad to be on here sharing with people who feel the same passion about the series as I do. Tai Shar All! jbrock
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