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Once Upon a Time [Spoilers]


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personally, i'm more of a fan for Hook *grins* Rumpy is good too though. Mr. Gold is hot in that old guy sort of way though *nods* i still like Hook better :biggrin:



re-spoiler - i guessed it as well from the promo. and i agree, considering the circumstances it will be interesting to see what Rumpy does given what the seer told him and the newly found relationship.


honestly, i've had the big suspicion that Henry is the evil queens Father.


as for Belle, i have faith that she will get her memory back; but the plot line with the outsider is very intriguing.



what upset me though; the evil queen. she was so starting to be good, now she goes and does that >:( i had sympathy for her during the first part of this season; now ... not so much. she's not just evil, she consiously makes the choice TO be evil.

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Regina is making the choices, but she also has Cora tempting her and twisting everything to make her evil again. So, while Regina should realize that, it's not totally her fault, imo.


And yea, the Outsider guy is a very intriguing plot twist. I wonder if they're going to raid Storybrook. D:

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There, all caught up. When's the next episode? :ohmy: NEED MOAR!


I really like this show! I love all the complicated back-stories and how they tell them. Rumple is an amazing character, and I really liked the twist on Red Riding Hood. She's also extremely beautiful. And really good costume design too. I got a bit teary-eyed when the giant/Hurley got his axe and it said Tiny... And all the dwarfes were whistling and working. Aww.

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