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[SG Faire: ACW Guild] WoT Creations


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Welcome to the Artists', Crafters' and Writers' Guild's

 Wheel of Time Creations Thread



We all love the Wheel of Time series, but do you love it enough to bring it to life? Let us know how this series has inspired your creative side. 



Come share pictures and stories of your Art, Crafts & Written works, influenced by the Wheel of Time.


All creations are welcomed, from sculptures to paintings and pencil sketches. From macaroni and glue to hand stitched items and things forged from the kiln or baked in the oven, to poems and songs you've created. If you made it, we want to hear about it! Just keep it PG13 and please no fan fic (as per Robert Jordan's wishes). 



Is there anything from the Wheel of Time you would love to make if you had the time/skill/money?


Would you love a heron marked blade but can't figure out how to forge it? A Domani style dress, but can't find the right material? A painting for your living room wall, but you can't decide on the scene to recreate? A detailed map of Randland, but don't have the time to research the details? A sonnet to sing, but you can't find a word to rhyme with Aiel? We'd love to know what you'd love to do, and why you're not doing it yet.



Looking for ideas on WoT inspired things to create? Here are a few How To's I found on Google.


Please don't hesitate to share tutorials on how to do WoT Art or Craft ideas from any culture or way of life. If you try these ones, let us know how they go!





To share your Non WoT inspired Art, Crafts or Writing, check out the Artists' Crafter's and Writers' Guild.




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I had a crafting idea a while back, and just actually found the rough plans I drew up for it XD


 So in South Germany/Erzgebirge they make these traditional wooden figures called Räuchermännchen. They have hollows in their bellies, where you put some incense and when it's lit the smoke comes out from their mouths/pipes/etc. Very popular around Christmas time.






Anyway so I really wanted to make a Nyneve one tugging her braid with smoke coming out of her ears:




XD I kinda ran out of time. One day!







*copyrights* :P

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That Nynaeve is smoking! Hahaha terrible, I know, but true! That would be so cool to do some day.


I love that medallion too, its so detailed! What is it made from?


Personally I have more hopes to make things, than things I've made. In fact, I don't have anything I have made yet. My husband melted some silver and made the Aes Sedai Flame, then drilled a hole in it. I put it on a necklace and mailed it to Mystica. He had another flame made which I will get a picture of later.


And I found two old wagon wheels (14 spoke) we took them home and cut out half the spokes, so that we'd have 7 spoked wheels. The plan is to spray paint one up with Tinker colours and lay it on its side as a base for a table. Then weld a piece of metal as a shaft from the center of it to the center of the other wheel (also turned on hits side). We are going to get a round piece of glass to set in the wheel as a table top, and we're going to try to figure out a way to make a good looking snake to go through it. The hold up currently is in the lack of having a welder and money to get the rest of the supplies. 

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I still don't my pictures ready, but I do have a Green Aes Sedai Shawl that was made by our very own Charis Sedai :) it is really nice and she has made quite a few of them now, for Aes Sedai of many Ajahs. One was even shown to Harriet recently, and she said she liked it. Though, she probably wouldn't say she didnt' like it even if she didn't <.< though I think they are really nice haha.

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I've been working on a small project to work on my own cover art for the series, which I have been showing to the White Tower and Warders social group. I've already posted my intentions and reasons for a few of my creative choices there, so you can try looking for them there if you feel like joining. Just know that my goal here was to create something simple, modern, and stylish. This is what I've done so far;























Note that everything here except the Snake/wheel symbol and the font were created by me in some way. The objects are all 3D models created in Autodesk Maya, and the designs overall were created in Photoshop. There are things I might change in the future, like draw my own variant of the WoT logo, or even change around the core design drastically. The Shadow rising cover looks kind of bad at the moment too. But It's all a work in progress.








Questions, suggestions, or advice are appreciated. Thanks!

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It's hard to say, really. The Shadar Logoth Dagger on EotW's cover was made months ago, when I was still learning the basics of maya. The overall design, (including the background) and Book 1 overall took a few hours, and were done last month (I think?), TGH and TDR were made not too long afterwards, their models of the Horn of Valere and Callandor respectively really didn't take too long; they were simple enough. TSR was completed a few days ago, after feeling motivated to do so after my Holiday.


Not too specific, I know, but my memory sucks.

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I just finished my second listening of A Memory of Light and I had to get this image out of my head and into the wild.  http://michaelaxt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Lan3.jpg  I posted as a link since it is a bit violent.  Also if you have not finished the book it is a bit of a spoiler.  Tai'shar Manetheren!

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I've done some work on my cover art. I've completely remade the Ashaderei and hat, and this was for two reasons; 1.) Because previously, they looked kind of terrible, and 2.) because I forgot to save it when I made them. While this certainly does look better than it did, there's something about it that doesn't look quite right that I just can't put my finger on. I dunno, what do you think?








I will probably make my own thread on this when I inevitably join your guild.

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I did notice that, though that's kind of a problem with Maya's way of lighting stuff. At least with the settings I use. I could touch it up a bit in Photoshop, to give it a little bit of shadow to the said area, though.


Thanks for the input.

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