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  1. Something about where the brim meets the crown on the hat is off. There needs to be some indicator of the seam. Very cool.
  2. I just finished my second listening of A Memory of Light and I had to get this image out of my head and into the wild. http://michaelaxt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Lan3.jpg I posted as a link since it is a bit violent. Also if you have not finished the book it is a bit of a spoiler. Tai'shar Manetheren!
  3. My number one emotional moment was probably after Rands awakening and seeing his father and hugging him on the steps. He didn't care who saw him. He was just a boy and his dad again.
  4. I am still on the first book. Maybe it is because I listen to them on audio book (I drive a lot and audiobooks help keep my sanity in check) but he reminds me a lot of Talmanes. Both series are read by Michael Kramer and he does both characters very similarly.
  5. Pretty much any scene where Aes Sedai are acting like they know everything about everything. Their arrogance is so frustrating... especially Egwene at the end. As if she knows better than Rand with the memories of LTT. "I AM the Amerlyn Seat." Yes yes we know already. Thank you for telling us again. Why not have Nynaeve tug her braid some more while you are at it.
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