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Honoring Our Lost Pets

Sorcha al'Parr

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Ohla(la) was pretty much my first pet, or animal friend - she was a small Saanen cross goat who I learnt to milk, my first real farm chore I think. In the summer we'd have her tied up around the house, nomming the great grass we have their (our lawnmower so to speak), and she'd be milked. In autumn I would let her go to run around on the farm (she'd break into the hay shed hehehe) and she'd also disappear off into the wilderness to meet wild goats. And still... every spring, she would turn up in front of the house area gate baaaaing, two tiny babies at her feet (or have them there), demanding to be let in again XD

I loved the babies too, and they are also worth a mention because I either had to give them away, or Dad, ah....well, the family ate them I guess that's the best way to say it. I didn't eat anything on those days :( Dad did not want more than one goat running around causing havoc. (We used to have far more and it was chaos :tongue:).

I hnamed them...let's see...Kiara and Kalinka, Simba and Nala, two lots of Kofu and Kiara's, Aratoamin and Silmariel. <3
In 2009 I went to live in Germany for half a year, and had to give Ohla away or Dad would get rid of her (he kept planting fruit trees, making the grassy spaces smaller for Ohla, so naturally my goat ate them!). I gave her to family friends who have a big herd of goats, and thought she would be happy there - a while later when I was in NZ again, I met the people and they said "oh, she died a while back." Broke my heart :sad:

These are the only pics I have on this laptop:


Ohla and Arato/Silmariel:






Pieps was a very special ducky :P

Paradise ducks are our wild ducks around here - they fly, and nest in trees oddly enough. What happens is that when ducklings fall out of the nest, they wander off through the forest until the first moving, living thing they see - they think it's their mommy. So in the beginning when the undergrowth around here was still all logged away and stuffs, we often had more than one duckling run out at us only metres apart while we walked through the woods :P


But yeah, I found Pieps under the washing line one day half-starved and fed and snuggled him back to health. I was...what, 8? This duckling would go EVERYWHERE with me. He thought my tall black wellies were his momma, and would sit on them as I kneeled milking the goat. He'd ride in my pocket. Or my hat :laugh: I could leave the gumboots outside in a patch of clover and he would not stray, but stay by them eating till I came back.

In the end though that didn't turn out well at all - my littlest brother was about 1 at the time, and with his newfound skill of walking came a joy in chasing the turkeys and ducks. One day, I had Pieps out by the gumboots and wasn't in the immediate area. I rounded the corner to find Alex running after my duckling, and before I could do anything he stepped on him by accident >.< Pieps died about and hour later on my lap, from internal wounding I guess. I loved that duck... and still have the yellow sweater I held him last on :(


(I don't have a pic of Pieps on the puter, but this is what he looked like):



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I'm sorry to hear about your cat Sorcha :(


Uhh every single pet I has had died except for most of dogs and my hamster which turned wild and started escaping and biting people.... :unsure: Some fish jumped out of their tank, the others died cuz I accidentally put coral in the tank and the salt..... rabbit had a heart attack, horny toad got eaten by ants, mice refused to eat and then starved..... XD Yah I'm bad with pets :( 


Anyways, I really do miss my rabbit, Columbus. He would sit on my bed and would come when you call him and nawwwww <3 He acted sorta like a cat. Someone left the door open, he went out......dogs were there...... *sigh* He had such a temper too :P If we didn't pay enough attention to him and he felt left out he would chew all the wires in the house, hense all the red tape on the internet cable :tongue:




And then my dogs Xen and Nexy. Favorite of all the pets I've ever had. Got them when they were puppies, had them for four years, then I moved and couldn't bring them with me *sniffle* Hope they're being well taken care of..... The brown one was actually my sisters but anyways. Mine was the grey one, Xen. After the rainy season we'd give them baths and then for one day they could be inside our house before they got all dirty again :happy: So they'd come sit in our bedroom and we'd use them as pillows :wub: They absolutely loooved playing with anything, balls, ropes, LOVED ropes, rocks.....yah....



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Cyan, That bunny even was standing like a dog.


Sorcha, I agree that the coloring of your cat was very cool. I am not much of a cat person tho.


Talya, your springer was black aand white. I think every one I have ever seen was white and red.


I don't have any pictures of my departed mutts. They are definitely part of the family.

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