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Sadness and Joy...

Tyler Glembo

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Sadness is having finished the final book in my beloved Wheel of Time series. My eyes started to get a little moist as I read the last line in the book. I couldn't help it so I reread it over and over again before closing the cover. I won't put any spoilers here as spoilers do not belong. What does belong is how this book affected me.


I first picked up the wheel of time series at my local library in 2004. I don't remember how I found it, but it was there. I'm pretty sure it was by accident. I was poor, didn't have hardly enough money for anything other than rice, was working to put myself through grad school, and was looking for something new to read that wasn't Jackson's Electrodynamics. I wandered through the library and saw a 6 book series they had. I had been looking for something epic and I checked out the first book, hoping for something good. 6 books later I was putting in a request to the library for the rest of the series. I remember escaping from the pressures of life by diving into those books back then. I remember it was so difficult to wait for the books to show up that I drove out to a nearby library at one point to rent out the next book I was waiting to read. And then, after pushing through the books as fast as was possible, nothing. I had to wait!!! Never before had I actually waited on books in a series to be released and it was slow torture.


I kept myself busy while waiting. I read about Drizz't, the dark elf, Elminster, a mage favored by the gods, and Dirk, genius savior of Senet. I read one of my other favorite series ever, a Series of Unfortunate Events. I read many other books, but I kept checking back to WoT, wondering when the next book would come out. Then, in 2005, KoD debuted, and with the help of a student loan I picked it up that very day, poring through the pages. I quickly realized that I didn't remember a lot of what had happened in the last 10 books and began buying them up so I could refresh my memory. As soon as I bought and read tEotW I was giving it away to friends, insisting that they read it! Well, buy it again Tyler, give it away again, rinse and repeat.


I completed my masters degree, got married, moved to Arizona (again), and began my pursuit of my Ph.D. I got into cars, worked on mine a lot and raced it at the track often. I made friends, learned new things, traveled the world. Through all of it, I did not forget about WoT. I waited for that next book. I was thoroughly upset when I heard about the untimely demise of Robert Jordan, and completely elated when Brandon Sanderson agreed to complete the books. What was the first thing I did? Well, I went to the library and checked out every Brandon Sanderson book I could find, reading Mistborn, Elantris, and all the rest immediately. I had to find out who would be taking over, how they wrote, and I was pleasantly surprised.


Finally, after long years, TGS arrived. Things were moving along again and it was a rush. I had forgotten too much though, so I made sure to rebuy any books I had given away and reread the series. As you can guess, I quickly started giving away the books again and telling my friends they must read them! The next couple years were a blur and before I knew it ToM came along. It had not been as long of a wait, and only a slight reread was needed.


And now, after a few years of waiting, checking Brandon's blog, joining DM to discuss and listen to rants and theories, going through good and bad in life, A Memory of Light has been released. I read it, and it was good. I so desperately want to know so much more about my favorite characters, what new journeys they will go through, what new challenges. I can't help but be curious as to what really happened in the Age of Legends, and what about the Age before that? This beautiful series of books that has transported me across worlds so many times is now over, and after all the only thing left to do is feel thankful to all of Team Jordan, from beginning to end, for helping bring it into my life.


If you have any thoughts about WoT I'd love to hear them. Whether WoT is a pleasant diversion for you or you poured your heart and soul into the books, post up!

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I can share a lot of your sentiments actually.  I picked up Wheel of Time when I was struggling with depression, the hardest part of which was being able to seperate all my thoughts to think clearly.  Around that time, I got into D&D.  I was in a friends dorm room, waiting for people to show up to begin our session when I saw a book on my friends desk.  It was Lord of Chaos.  I picked it up, looked at it for a bit, and my friend told me "you would really like that series."  This friend and I were so similar that I did not doubt him.  I order EotW that night.


What does this have to do with depression.  I started reading and it was a little difficult at first because it was hard to focus, but after awhile I just got drawn into the story.  I realized something as I was reading.  When I finished, my thoughts would no longer been bouncing in my head.  I was able to separate them and deal with them.  In a strange way, Wheel of Time helped me begin the healing process that I needed.


Unlike you, I did not ever have to do the waiting game for books to come out.  I got started after Jordan had passed.  As I entered the workforce as a teacher, I quit reading them.  Not because I didn't want to, but because I did not have as much time to read.  Something brought me back to them though (and actually brought me to DM as well).  It was the same thing that brought me to Wheel of Time in the first place.  Dealing with the stress of life on my own for the first time and a break up brought back the depression that I had conquered before.  One day, I saw one of the books sitting on my table and I opened it and started reading.  That led me to DM where I met people who actually began helping me (and still are) deal with my emotional issues.


I'm still in The Gathering Storm and hope to finish it soon.  I have all of the books and can't wait to finish the series.  But I've found it feels bittersweet.  I'm sad it's over.


Wow...long post...I'll leave it there.


Thanks for starting this thread TG!

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I read it, and it was good

You've just made my day so much happier - I've just spent a couple of hours on the spoiler board and was starting to think I was mad, or had read something different (maybe they translate from US English to English English and something was gained.


*snuggles TGlems and Wolf, then straightens with a manly harumph looking embarrassed*


I've been reading since 2001 when my parents bought me the 1st 3 books (little knowing what they'd started). It doesn't seem to have had the same impact on me as it has for you 2, but I've still reread it every couple of years.


I've also on the whole enjoyed the last 3 books, their are errors but I think the work that's been done to get it as complete as it is and to fulfil so much foreshadowing and prophecy is truly outstanding. I'm so happy their's somewhere I can say it :)

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