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Saddest moments in the book

Jason Denzel

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Saddest moments in AMOL


Egwene's death was unbelieveable, that's one of the most emotional deaths I've read in a fantasy book.  I expected a major character death, but for it to be Egwene... I was certain it would have been someone else.


Bela's death, this kind of reminds me of Hedwig's death in HP.  The death of the faithful, loyal animal servant to the heroes.  It was very sad.


Rand's last conversation with Egwene - this was a lot worse on the reread


Lan killing Demandred and nearly dieing - I was bummed out that Lan was resurrected, if he died the way he should have died here, I think this would have been the worst death in the series. Depressing but great, powerful, and courageous story-telling. But alas, Jordan/Sanderson were merciful.

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Light! There were quite a few in this book. There are two moments that really gutted me, especially after I finished reading, the worst it got. I had no idea it would have actually effected me in that personal a level. I like Perrin; I think he is my favorite character, even though I love Mat's chapters terribly, and enjoyed them more than Perrin's because I would laugh like a madman-- but there's something about Perrin.


Anyway, as I started getting deeper and deeper into the series, I began to fall in Love with Egwene's Amyrlin storyline. That storyline had me tearing up pretty bad at --what most people would consider-- mundane things in it. She's suffering terribly and the novices and Accepted are eating and there is food waiting for her for the first time, and they leave a cushion; that moment got me pretty bad. Or when they just called her Mother for the first time. Or how she wins Sylviana. But when they killed her, I don't even remember if I was shocked or tearing up, but afterward, when the book ended, I didn't know what to do. It's been a long time since I have had a panic attack, but I started having the beginning of one. I felt like I needed air, then the next minute thinking of just going to sleep--but that wouldn't do--, so I started searching for forums and read something, anything on this book. I didn't want the panic attack to overtake me, so I needed something to clear my mind quickly, because the last time I had one I didn't enjoy it one bit-- the kind where you can't breathe, you don't want to be here, or there; the kind where you going into that nutty round and round of the carousel, and want to be out of the moment no matter what. I found this and other forums and started just kind of weeping as I kept reading other people's thoughts.


The thing that made the death of Egwene go into overdrive was the death of Siuan. I loved her-- her tenacity, her passion and drive, her hilarious and charming personality. Both of these deaths floored me with a one-two, agonizing punch.


And Rand got to live? "Fish guts!"


I loved how Egwene's death played out; it was definitely the best death of the whole series. I'm trying to find reasons to deal with her death, like... greatest Amyrlin ever. Her death was epic, though. Why Egwene and Siuan both, though? Anyway.


Another moment that got me sad was --i don't know if it was this book, or last, or maybe the other one--  that White Aes Sedai that is teaching Nynaeve the 100 weaves and seems really kind, even after her warder was just killed. Nynaeve has a conversation with her about other Aes  Sedai not treating her with more respect because she is low in the power. That scene broke my heart, especially after getting killed by Semirage, is it? It breaks my heart when kindness is taken advantage of.


I'm in bad shape. This series gutted me like I didn't think possible. I'm reading New Spring and is helping me with my Siuan fix, although it doesn't last long, as everytime I laugh in that book, I realize she is no more. 

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Saddest moments, quite a few in AMoL. The first where I was really struck was when Siuan died. That was one death where I thought why did that have to happen and then immediately realizing that Bryne is dead now. But Siuan's death was really sad, I mean she was fun to read, her quirky quotes and the way she scolds someone;all good parts.


And then Egwene's death, I was beginning to like how Egwene took control as Amrylin(opposing Rand's plan;no) but then at their final meeting and the way she rallied the WT and fought, her death was really a loss.


Bela's death, that was something tragic. Bela was a constant, a loyal who was there from the very beginning, it was sad that she was killed off. 


And another moment, where I feared when Olver was about to be torn to shreds by the Trollocs just before he blew the Horn.

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Bela's death was the saddest for me. However I also had some tears when Egwene and Birgitte died. I actually gasped when Lan 'died'. Another part that was sad for me was when Logain promoted Androl to Asha'man. That was a really happy moment in a time of sadness.

Just finishing the book was extremely sad for me. After I was done I just sat there and had some manly tears. :(

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Egwene crying after saying goodbye to Rand at Fal Dara, in tGH. Perrin finding out his family had been killed in tSR. Rand parting from Lan after Moiraine is killed in tFoH. a Cup of Sleep PoD. Lan killing Demandred "You didnt listen to me"

"I didnt come here to win" Lan whispered, smiling. I came to kill you. Death is lighter than a feather" My favorite scene from aMoL sad but triumphant.

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Hi! I'm new to the forum. First post that isn't in the "introduce yourself" section.


I don't expect my list of sad moments to be complete. I'm just posting the first that occur to me at the moment.


- Egwene's death. This was terrible. Egwene is my favorite character (with Rand close second). Anyway, I think the way in which her death is told is meant to be primarily epic and glorious, and only secondarily sad. Or, at least, sadness isn't the main purpose. But, despite this fact, the description succeeds very well in being sad. Anyway, I still can't read these lines without feeling the need to cry.

She closed her eyes and drew in the power. More than a woman should be able to, more than was right. Far beyond safety, far beyond wisdom. This sa’angreal had no buffer to prevent this.


Her body was spent. She offered it up and became a column of light, releasing the Flame of Tar Valon into the ground beneath her and high into the sky. The Power left her in a quiet, beautiful explosion, washing across the Sharans and sealing the cracks created by her fight with M’Hael.


Egwene’s soul separated from her collapsing body and rested upon that wave, riding it into the Light.

It's also really sad and moving when her soul reaches Rand while he is battling the Dark One, just after she died. She tells him to let go, and let the dead become what they deserve, heroes:

Let go, Rand. Let us die for what we believe, and do not try to steal that from us. You have embraced your death. Embrace mine.

And, remember, Egwene's words were decisive to give Rand the strength to defeat the DO.


- Verin's death. Besides the sadness of the fact itself, this scene is really written to move the readers, in my opinion.


That, among all things, is the most sacred duty of the Brown—to arm the world with knowledge. I’m still one of them. Please see that they know, although the word Black may brand my name forever, my soul is Brown. Tell them…”

“I will, Verin,” Egwene promised. “But your soul is not Brown. I can see it.”

Her eyes fluttered open, meeting Egwene’s, a frown creasing her forehead.

“Your soul is of a pure white, Verin,” Egwene said softly. “Like the Light itself.”

Verin smiled, and her eyes closed.”

- Perrin finds out that his family has been killed


- Siuan and Gareth death


- in Towers of Midnight, when Rand asks Tam to forgive him for what he had done in The Gathering Storm, when he was near to get mad.


And many others....

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