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  1. Well it seems like Rand has some pretty godly powers so it wouldn't be surprising if Nakomi could change the way she/he looks.
  2. My theory is she was the Dragon Reborn in a past age. I've heard that the same thing seems to happen where the Dark One gets locked up, then set free, and stuff, so why couldn't the same thing that happened to Rand happen to another Dragon. It seems like Rand is able to do impossible things so it wouldn't surprise me if he never aged, so maybe Nakomi has lived for thousands of years in secret.
  3. Well, I believe that the Seanchan left the battle so that Demandred thought that the army was splitting up, and that the battle would be more easily won. He probably didn't anticipate the Seanchan coming back and attacking all his forces. I do have to agree with you though. I feel like they were rarely in the battle field, which wasn't really fair since they had the best channelers.
  4. Bela's death was the saddest for me. However I also had some tears when Egwene and Birgitte died. I actually gasped when Lan 'died'. Another part that was sad for me was when Logain promoted Androl to Asha'man. That was a really happy moment in a time of sadness. Just finishing the book was extremely sad for me. After I was done I just sat there and had some manly tears. :(
  5. So I hope this is a simple question. I was just wondering how Alanna was just able to get rid of the bond with Rand. That doesn't seem like it would be possible to me as it was never expressed before in the books that I remembered. I feel like if Alanna was able to do this that she would have done it a long time ago, so the shadow would stop torturing her. I know that she could pass the bond but I'm pretty sure that's not what happened. UNLESS, she actually gave the bond to Nynaeve...
  6. In a Crown of Swords, Sareitha (An Aes Sedai) says, "I also recommend a firm does of the slipper at regular intervals..." It's probably obvious, but what does this mean?
  7. I'm on my re-read and just read the part when Herid Fel dies, that was really sad to me. It was the first time I had really ever seen Rand show some emotions. But Cup of Sleep is always going to be the saddest.
  8. Any moment when a someone (usually girl(they're all crazy)) thinks Rand has no idea what he's doing.
  9. Taim. No...hold on, I'm a guy. I choose Lanfear. She's beautiful.
  10. Tale of Two Cities. I have never had to read such a terrible book. Had to read it for a Summer school project, gave up on it after 100 pages. Failed the test...Spark notes didn't help.
  11. Did Berelain and Rhuarc have some love thing going on with each other in Lord of Chaos?
  12. Wasn't my favorite scene, but was a scene that really stuck with me. In Eye of the World when Rand and Matt see the silver tower on the ship after getting out of Shadar Logoth. Did Robert Jordan plan out the entire series before starting it or something! That silver tower came back with a significant part in the 12 book! How could he have possibly planned that far ahead.
  13. Tuon. Never thought that she was black or whatever she is. Still don't know what she is.
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