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How I Met Your Mother


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I cannot believe there is no thread for this yet


so in news released today apparently the 8th season will no longer be the final one and we will get a 9th season. With luck we will still meet the mother at the end if this season but I'm just so happy


So who else likes the show?

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I like to wait for shows to end before watching them so I can be sure they got a proper ending before investing my time and concern and also because I don't like waiting every week for a new episode


A lot of newer shows have left me unable to do this like Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, and Justified

I couldn't pass over them and wait for the end before starting

But for HIMYM I was able to wait

With 8 seasons I feel like it's probably going to come to an end soon and I'm confident it will have some sort of conclusion so I'm just going to catch up now and deal with what comes when I do

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Ooh thats something i didnt think of


i have my money on that exs flatmate who he never met but was told he would get on well with


 He did say, that the room-mate of his ex, in that one episode, was his future wife. Thats an established fact, the only part of her we saw... was her ankle.

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