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Leigh Butler's review


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Right after Rand loses his hand he says to Bashere I'll have to learn the forms again. Bashere doesn't say OMG that's impossible.
No reason why he can't use a sword one-handed - horseback forms for example are one-handed and so are rapier fence styles (the other hand holds a defensive dagger).

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I'm not a Katana person, but from my understanding you can get both 1 handed and 2 handed Katana's, and, as with western swords, ones which are interchangeable (like Longswords or Bastard Swords). I'm also unsure as to which category the swords that Rand uses fall under either.

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assuming the half sentence in the "memories of light" daily releases is not in reference to the spar i vote min vs. avi to prove her worthy of being avi's first sister. would also like rand vs. galad and rand revealing their relation during it.


character from TGH? i vote Ingtar. alive or a ghost but in the light. "The Light, and Shinowa!"


first choke up has to be moiraine's reunion with everyone. i desperately hope we are not robbed of the depth of it cuz it was trimmed from the book. and please give me a cadsuane pov where she's thinking moiraine will take her place and then confronting her for not including her from the beginning.


"Uh. Is that who I think it is? Because whooooa." gaidal cain?


"Oh, yeah. I was wondering when they would show up. Not that I’m particularly thrilled that they’re here, of course." shaido?

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Bit late to the party, lot of this has been posted before, but my thoughts... (I'm skipping the ones I have no thoughts on).


1. Geez, no consent issues here. I am not sure a proportional response is always actually proportional, you guys! What the hell? = Mat and Tuon--you will bed me now!


2. Huh. It just keeps coming back to truth, doesn’t it. = The book will deal with the value of the Oaths, including perhaps unswearing--and the holy woman soe'feia will be Aes Sedai.


3. Wow, I totally forgot that ______ didn’t actually know that. And yes, dude, your timing sucks balls. Sheesh. = Bornhald telling Perrin the truth about his family dying???


4. God, they are so WEIRD. I totally don’t know how to feel about this relationship. But then, apparently neither do they, so that’s… all right? I guess? = Egwene and Gawyn.


5. Holy crap, THROW IT AWAY RIGHT NOW ARE YOU CRAZY. …Wait, stupid question. = Gawyn and the bloodknife rings seems to obvious. Gawyn with Fain's Knife??


6. *blink* *blink* Well, I’ll be damned. Mentioned twice, even! I’m not sure if that’s a sop to shut me up or a nod that I was right, or both, but I don’t care, because awesome. The most likely option, of course, is that it didn’t have a damn thing to do with me at all, and ultimately it is totally irrelevant anyway, but I don’t care, because thank you. I am Pleased. = Obvious fan answering (whether Leigh specifically or the fandom at large). Obvious answers--location of fatman, attacker of Demira or Algarin's farm, target and location of CoT Superpark.


7. AHAHAHA. Just in case there were any trolls out there still insisting on it, eh? = Moridin is not Taim


8. What? Are you kidding me? That is the worst name EVER! Ugh! I protest! I stomp my foot in your general terrible-nomenclaturing direction! Gah! = The Almighty Graeffalump, may we all bathe in her splendiferousness.


9. Holy Law of Conservation of Characters, Batman! When was the last time we saw ________, TGH? Heh. = Amalisa is the most likely candidate to me. Serafelle is second. There are others--Alar, Candevwin, a few more, but Amalisa stands highest in terms of character role in likely plots, and Serafelle's passion for AoL texts puts her in a nice place to play a role regarding Egwene's requested research.


10. ZOMG they are adorable. That is probably disturbing. It should be disturbing! Why isn’t this disturbing? STOP BEING SO CUTE DAMMIT YOU’RE CONFUSING ME = Two Samma N'sei sitting down to dinner.


11. Yeah, well, dude, what did you expect? That wasn’t bringing a knife to a gun fight; that was bringing a knife to a Global Thermonuclear Warfare fight. Sheesh. Also: Damn. That sucks. = Gawyn and Rand?


12. AHAHAHA. It’s like Alias, except without the blue rubber dresses. And less government oversight. And with, you know, magic. Okay, so it’s not really anything like Alias, but it was damn funny anyway. = Darkfriend suspicions and revelations. Demandred probably--or maybe possibly something involving Bashere i.e. Min's uncertain vision about him (people come to suspect him but it turns out to be something else?)


13. Oh, yeah. I was wondering when they would show up. Not that I’m particularly thrilled that they’re here, of course. = Atha'an Miere. Not Sharans. My word on it.

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