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  1. I like how she told them to look for his horse
  2. Same. I would have found it unbelievable that RJ would not leave notes on that
  3. I feel BS returned Perrin's appeal to him
  4. I think this is one of the most important reveals. I know most people were wondering about the battle with the dark one and now we know a lot more about it and the dark one itself
  5. Hawkwings stance on them towards the end of his rule certainly didn't help views of them
  6. Predetermined by definition means no choice because it wi happen regardless
  7. He might see them, but they cannot know know that he is both their father and the dragon or it jeopardizes the dragon's peace. Either he can pretend to be the father or he can visit with them as a friend
  8. Lanfear died while in TAR in the flesh. If rand has her cour'sourva then it is useless now
  9. I thought the girls were Randy's dream before lanfear showed up
  10. that is why I only said the duel proves nothing and not that people were wrong about her. Besides, your examples don't conclusively prove anything Edit: didn't see bbm's post, on a second page
  11. That duel does not equate her being dismal with everything not healing
  12. I thought he was resurrected as a punisent but made nae'blis because he is the dark one's champion
  13. My problem is we never really see finesse in the wheel of time (healing as the exception). Either you do it as well as someone else or you just lack a talent in that area.
  14. The only issue we see with traveling is related to the size of the gateway, but that is only due to strength not the way it is weaved (ignoring avi because it is never confirmed). Once you see a weave you are able to remember and weave it perfectly. No one is unable able to weave it because they are not dexterous enough or they didn't catch it the first time or it was complicated and they missed the 10th loopty loop of fire through the ring of water
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