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  1. Question related to balefire. This is mainly a hypothetical question, and it's really just to use in a "Werewolf" game on another forum. Let there be 4 people - A, B, C and D. The idea - B wishes to kill A. B shoots an arrow but C jumps in front of A and takes the arrow. C is injured and A survives. Should D balefire C so that C did not exist prior to the jump, would A then be affected by arrow?
  2. That's quite cool. Didn't know there was someone who live(s/d) so close (well, I'm assuming ha) to home on here.
  3. Part of what made Siuan's death so sad for me was because she was the kind of woman to go 'the victory of the Light/Rand/Egwene/etc. are more important than my life' and to go through with sacrificing herself knowing the consequences. However, her death didn't really achieve anything. As far as I recall she didn't actually help or save anyone, which just makes it feel like she foolishly wasted her life by disregarding Min's viewing (if she'd stayed with Gareth she would have lived), rather than nobly sacrificing hersef for the greater good. I agree. I just knew it was happening, and I was just think to myself as she and Min went into the tent "Fool woman! Damnit Siuan, what are you doing?". If she had died in the initial Shara attack, that would have been much better for me, because when the command tent exploded that came as a total shock for me, and I thought they had all been... 'Romanda-d'.
  4. If you are referring to the Camelon by Falkirk in Scotland then I am struggling to see the similarities I am indeed referring to there. Plus, it's closer to Caemlyn than Camelot is. At least, in name. Plus, I never noticed you are from Scotland, so my bad.
  5. Eg's death was not pointless. I don't see how people can view her death as pointless in the slightest (no offence).
  6. Actually, Caemlyn has nothing to do with Camelot! It was completely, 100% inspired by a place near my home town, that is called Camelon...
  7. Because he (supposedly) added a tonne of appendix stuff. Still haven't gotten round to watching it though. Plus, he cut a fair bit out of LotR, though he added a few things in. But yeah, LotR is one book that is roughly the size of tSR or any single, large WoT book. And that was 12 hours. With stuff cut out. PS Not that I don't want a film. The nature of WoT makes it highly appealing for the big screen. I just hope Universal/Red Eagle/Whatever make a decent EotW.
  8. Whereas Galad viewed it as selfless. He viewed it as giving up himself for the greater good. Plus, Galad was ordered (I think? can't remember).
  9. It would have certainly made her arc completely and utterly boring otherwise... I find it weird how you assume that because she died, all her prior actions were pointless. Plus, if her death wasn't needed for something she wouldn't have been the only main character to die (and by main, I mean 5 EFs, Moiraine, Lan, Thom, Min, Aviendha and Faile).
  10. Lews Therin probably suffers from the same overconfidence that the rest of the AoL channelers (i.e him and the forsaken) seems to have in this age, so the likelihood is he was talking out his arse. EDIT: Also, who was in that circle of 3? I can't recall.
  11. Ah, I see. Well, I tried to look around, (mainly using the wiki for dreams and viewings) and didn't see anything that may have referenced. However, I am led to believe there was both foreshadowing in ToM and early on in aMoL, though I can't remember exactly. It's difficult to tell with Min's viewings, because as I said, Min doesn't see Egwene at all for a huge chunk of the series. So yeah, not sure how well her death was foreshadowed prior to Brandon taking over the helm. But then again, I doubt something of that magnitude would be left out of RJ's notes (but I could be horribly wrong here). I guess Rand always swearing to protect her early in the series could count... She was also built up as quite the Mary Sue, and it 'could' be that Jordan had planned her death because of this, or vice versa.
  12. See, that doesn't actually address the issue people have - it's not that you need to keep writing after RJ's last words, but you can put something more between the Last Battle and RJ's ending. The Cadsuane scene actually proves that point - the story still ends with the scene RJ wrote, with his words, but we are given something more, a glimpse of the future. Rather than leaving us with nothing more from Cadsuane (directionless for the time being) and the WT (directionless in the absence of an Amyrlin), it sets up the next Amyrlin. The world still exists, things still move forward, the story ends but the world carries on, which is true to RJ. Had there been more scenes in the aftermath of TG but before Rand's funeral, then more could have been done to reflect on what had happened and to make a start on moving forwards. You can add more and still end things where they did. True. As I said, I would have liked it to be expanded - in a similar vein to to Cads. My point was that that reasoning is what led to me feeling happy/sad with what we got, then later content as I reflected on it.
  13. I don't recall exactly how viewings worked, but it seems that Min wasn't ever really around Egwene post aCoS, meaning that she would never had been able to see any new viewings that would have implicated her death. And we never really got her seeing much besides related to Siuan/The Seanchan in aMoL. (Feel free to correct me if wrong).
  14. I disliked the manner of Siuan and Gareth's deaths too. To be honest, I would have much preferred if they had died when Demandred and Shara arrived and blew up the command tent. That struck at me much more than there eventual death. The only good thing about Siuan's death is that is has a parallel to the way her father died (or whoever it was that died in the anecdote she talks about with Mat in tDR). However, Egwene's death does have much more meaning and it also makes sense. At least to me. See: Terazed's post: Perhaps we are getting confused as to the order of importance of Egwene's accomplishments at her death. Actually it may be this scene which is the most important of her accomplishments in WOT. Rand's guilt list has been his tragic flaw throughout almost the entire series. In book after book characters have been arguing with him over it's unreasonableness but none have been able to argue successfully. In the beginning Rand tried to make himself hard and kill off his emotions. Later compassion led him to attempt to embrace the suffering of others. Even then some characters thought there was something wrong with Rand's attitude, but none could change his mind. Rand accepts the responsibility of redeeming everyone else by sacrificing himself to kill the DO but underneath he, himself has a desperate need of being redeemed. When he walks into the Pit and fights the DO completely alone he has achieved only partial enlightenment and thus the DO is able to crush him. Looked at this way it might make more sense why Egwene would be the one from the original EF group that needed to die. She was the first one that he worried about getting killed. He has been worried about her since day 2 in the barn in EF when she shows up with her sack demanding to go on their adventure without understanding what was at stake. When they are separated at Shadar Logoth he refuses to accept the possibility she is dead. Again and again he makes it clear that her death would be unacceptable. In the end Egwene had to be the one to offer Rand his redemption and allow him to complete his path to enlightenment. It is interesting that in the end it is not Egwene the Amyrlin or Egwene Sedai that is able to do save Rand but just Egwene al'Vere of the TR. Throughout the series she is driving herself to an extreme or allowing herself to be physically beaten over and over again in order to build herself up and be in control. That is certainly a pathological pattern of behavior. In her last battle she is depicted as being in an angry rage the entire time till she cast the flame of Tar Valon. After that she is able to let go herself. Perhaps she also was able to achieve a redemption from her own inner demons in the end. Of course odds are I am completely wrong but it is an explanation that would foreshadow the ending of the book and there is no way Rand could have won without that scene.
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