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  1. so... a 20 volume encyclopedia set by the looks of it? will they release 1 volume a year for $29.99... or the whole set at once for $599.99? just asking so i can save up in advance if i need to. :)
  2. once Min became a staple she easily became my favorite. she has a seemingly useless power and is otherwise completely ordinary, but thru her inner strength and unconditional love she was the anchor that kept rand in the light. of rand's three girls she loved him the best. not the most. but the best. rand wasn't competing with a kingdom or a people when it came to Min. a very close second is Asmodean. what a series this was, but oh what a series this would have been if his redemption story had been thrown in. the biggest surprise for me from this series is how my favored characters all gravitated to the second tier or lower. Min and Asmo, 1 and 2. in no particular order after... Verin. her and Asmo having dual redemption stories and winding up together at the end. at least in my version. Rhuarc, Gaul, Sulin, Uno, Aglmar, Damer Flinn, Jahar Narishma, Jur Grady, Asha' man Neald, Loial, Elyas, Thom, Olver, Suian, Leane, Juilin, Birgitte Silverbow, Sorilea, Berelain, Darlin, Hopper, Hurin, Ingtar of house Shinowa to name a few. lol. of the mains, Moiraine, Nyn, Mat, Lan. the last four of my favorite characters i'll mention are the four characters i use in a desperate hope that the greatness of this series is conveyed when asked "what's so great about WoT?" Gaidal Cain. think about it. he never actually does anything. he's just talked about the whole series. he's not even there at the end with the other heroes of the horn. he's one of the greatest heroes in the history of the world and he misses the last battle. yet doesn't it feel like he was a huge part of the story? Aemon al Caar al Thorin and Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan. last monarchs of Manetheren. Jearom. The greatest swordsman in history. defeated once. by a farmer. with a quarterstaff. only mentioned twice in the whole series. and yet it's imprinted in me from one scene. the saddest thing for me from this series is that it won't be expanded at all. forget the outriggers with mat. i'm talking about the rest. who doesnt want to read the fall of malkier/manetheren? the first lives of Gaidal Cain and Brigitte Silverbow? the story of Jearom? how all the heroes of the horn were bonded to it? too much will be left on the table.
  3. "who are YOU?" said in a condescending way, and moments later "who ARE you?" in a WTF way. for the purposes of keeping this list short everything Lan,Tam, and Talmanes. Dreadbanes! Min being a doomseer. olver blowing the horn. Gaul knowing he's over his head, riding shotgun with perrin anyway, and surviving his last stand at the cave.
  4. not sure why everyone expects this book to turn into one from a song of fire and ice and have a whole sale of death for the 1st tier characters? yes rand will die but my only question is will he stay dead when i've read to the last period. with the exception of him i would expect all 1st tier characters to survive. some of the second tier won't be so lucky but third tier down will be a reaping. i don't expect for the damane to start getting released till well after the LB. if it was before they would become catatonic. lanfear isn't going to so much turn to the light as she will betray the shadow. the defeat of the dark one gives her a reprieve from her current sentence. she's already in hell being tortured for all eternity. no hell = no torture even if it also means no more you. why does Demandred have to have a powerful secret identity? lanfear didn't. asmodean didn't. mesaana didn't. seems to me Demandred would have been best used building and organizing the shadow spawn armies at shayol ghul from the beginning as opposed to sowing chaos in randland. the only thing i can definitively predict about the last book is that i'm gonna love it and not complain that i got it in common instead of high chant.
  5. assuming the half sentence in the "memories of light" daily releases is not in reference to the spar i vote min vs. avi to prove her worthy of being avi's first sister. would also like rand vs. galad and rand revealing their relation during it. character from TGH? i vote Ingtar. alive or a ghost but in the light. "The Light, and Shinowa!" first choke up has to be moiraine's reunion with everyone. i desperately hope we are not robbed of the depth of it cuz it was trimmed from the book. and please give me a cadsuane pov where she's thinking moiraine will take her place and then confronting her for not including her from the beginning. "Uh. Is that who I think it is? Because whooooa." gaidal cain? "Oh, yeah. I was wondering when they would show up. Not that I’m particularly thrilled that they’re here, of course." shaido?
  6. the things i'd like to see would be more in the epilogue. my wishful thinking coming true and min moving to the waste to become roof mistress of rhuidean and topping elayne and avi by having rands quintuplets. nynaeve's fate. if she becomes queen of the reclaimed and rebuilt malkier who's her aes sedai advisor? cadsuane? siuan? moiraine? random aes sedai? if no malkier, is it automatic she becomes elyane's advisor? head of the yellow? as one of the few with a reputation with all the important factions does she become the white tower ambassador to the sea folk? the aiel? any country worth mentioning? the black tower becoming epic. elaida having a moment of clarity and realizing how epic fail she was and then dieing a useless worthless death. on a personal note, even though i know it's probably impossible for 2 of the 3... ingtar, tomas and verin being among the heroes of the horn when mat blows it again. certainly verin is worthy. two words... aiel asha'man
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