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  1. Why specifically does Rand need Moiraine? We never learn this. Any other saidar channeler could have been in SG with him. Did she tell him about Callandor's TP s'angreal ability? Or what?
  2. The calculating focussed genius suddenly turns into a raving maniac who doesn't have a clue what's happening in SG and is prepared to risk everything in swordfights ? Doesn't really compute.
  3. Logical Conundrum. Rand needs to break the seals at a specific time. Done before or after, it's bad for him. Why doesn't Taim just bust the Seals at any random moment other than the instant it benefits Rand?
  4. Finished a quick read yesterday. Will reread but no time now. Generally liked without being over-enthusiastic Points that occurred to me. Sorry if this seems like carping but they were downers 1. How can Pevara directly say Dobser cannot hear when she knows he can? 2. Inconsistency in Lanfear's role. Why is the GLoD preserving her as a prisoner if indeed, she is that? How does she manage to slide in and out of TAR so casually after Moridin has been warned? How can she march into town and order Slayer around so casually if she's a prisoner? If it's not her,then who is it ? Why doesn't she just kill Perrin at the end instead of using Compulsion? How can she use Compulsion while channeling in the presence of her cour'savra? What happens to above cour'savra - does it cease to function or does Rand end up with it? 3. Generic disappointment with Shara being used. Remember joking years ago about thousands of silk clad channelers appearing out of the blue. Also, given Graendal's connection with Shara, how can she not know about Bao the Wyld? 4. Who on Seanchan is Krisa the assassin-hiring, gray man user? The "usurper" - is she Tuon's sister? Wasn't the entire royal family wiped out? 5.If Demandred recruited Taim, how did he retain his sanity for so many years? He must have been a non-DF when he declared dragon-hood. How did he pick up all the mannerisms - "so-called Aiel" in such a short time? More mystery. 6. Demandred has shown no signs of being a nutter who takes unnecessary risks. Nor is he stupid. Why doesn't he know Rand is busy in SG? We've seen him use TAR before - doesn't he have sufficient intelligence to find out about SG and to keep track of Moridin? A great general who hates getting his hands dirty is also a blademaster? Ok... 7. Alanna - if she can channel enough to release the bond, why didn't she fry Moridin earlier while he and Rand were locked together? Min, Elayne an Avi not only remain functional, they don;t really reference stuff coming through the bond at all while he and the GloD are chatting. Odd 8. Sad end to Fain after all the buildup.Hilarious new name for Mashadar BTW. 9. Nakomi, Rand's thinking fire, Callandor being a True Power angreal, the fat man being found again, all seemed slightly forced. The plot could have moved in the same direction without them. 10. Tthe number of troops, trollocs and especially channeler numbers went haywire. Channelers generally proved much less effective. Why didn;t either side concentrate channelers in one place and nuke the opposition there, folowed by rinse and repeat? 11. Moggy under-utilised onscreen but this is minor. Despite all this and its entirely possible I missed important pertinent detail, liked the book.
  5. Question: Upto and including ToM, how much do the Ashaman know about TAR as a group? Obviously Taim knows enough to use a Dreamspike, but have they officially been taught anything? Reason I'm asking. The DS has not been disabled when Rand sends Naeff. BUt it is possible that even if Taim has been beaten, Ashaman loyalists may not even know about the existence of TAR, let alone how to reach and disable a DS. The bonded AS know nothing about TAR except vague rumours *they are not Blacks and they're from Elaida. Pevara & Co also know zilch.
  6. Jenn= Jain, the entire wheel and reincarnation is a concept borrowed from three Eastern religions. The trolloc clans and gholam have Arabic names. But the Aiel are celts who use Zulu weapons and tactics. Malkier= Nepal. Finn= Faerie Callandor= Excalibur Fisher king= Arturian legend. Perrin, Mat =Thor, Odin He borrowed from all over, not just Asia. .
  7. The Shaido references are from KoD. Silversmith is TSR or TFOH
  8. It does seem like a vision. Perhaps Bode Cauthon is being tested for AS. Or it's some bizarre side-effect of 13x13 Maybe somebody with mixed Aiel and TR blood (!) walks backwards Avi-style through the Rhuidean ter'angreal and and sees this vision. It is barely possible that such a mix exists in the Blight city if a Red veiled talent was mated with a prisoner who had somehow been captured from the TR. Or if some other TR gunslinger apart from Tam had fought in the Aiel War and ended up in bed with an Aiel.
  9. Substance experimentation may well have been on the cards. Hearing about how it felt from friends/ colleagues also very likely. "Addiction" sounds a little unlikely given the man's high work-rate, his long stints of public appearances, his stable private life, etc.
  10. Silversmiths get a day off / week to work if they are taken gai'shain. Also see how the shaido treat wetland smiths.
  11. I recall several TDR puzzles offhand What did the Tinker lady have to say to Moiraine? How did Moi know it was Sammy and Be'lal in Ilian and Tear? Did Lanfear delve Mat? Why did Moiraine the close-mouthed blab about Mat's id as the Hornsounder in front of a roomful of people including Rhuarc? But if I understand Lucker's post correctly, we actually get some info in TDR, which helps us understand that an apparent error in AMoL isn't actually an error. That's crazily difficult to solve because we get quite a lot of info in TDR and any of these details could pertain to an apparent error in AMoL. It could be about Saldea, it could be about darkhounds, it could be about wolfbrothers, it could be about Aiel, it could be about balefire, it could be about TAR,
  12. Byrne fits, except for his character. He has a strong sense of duty and he is a Great Captain. If it's necessary to fight in Andor, he'll fight in Andor and his personal feelings be damned. Of course Elayne may be misinterpreting motives if it is Byrne (and this is not Elayne bashing - WoT PoVs often show characters making such errors).
  13. It is one of those puzzling details, which is difficult to believe when you think about it. The Athan Miere have natural curiosity as mariners, which means that Sea-folk ships do head towards Seanchan (western Aryth Ocean) The Seanchan have serious naval forces and deep-sea competence. This should have gotten them into (perhaps hostile) contact long ago. The Seanchan and sea folk apparently don't trade. Shara and the Sea-folk do. Shara and Seanchan apparently do trade - silk and elephants (even if sre'dit boarhorses don't come from Shara, a Seanchan keeper knows enough about Shara to pretend they.do.) Even though the Shara continent curls around to the Western side of Seanchan, we've never seen Shara ships in any Westland port - they seem to conduct all their trading either via the Aiel or the Sea-folk. So how do the Seanchan exchange goods with Shara if not via sea-folk ? (Edit: Assuming there's no land causeway between continents and also assuming that Seanchan doesn't use its ships to trade with Shara while strictly focussing on invading Westland ) Also how did the Seanchan send their spies over before they sent the Hailene if they didn't seek passage on Sea-folk ships? Did they land them stealthily while waiting offshore or something or just tell them to fan out all over after they landed at Falme?
  14. The Mordeth entity is smart and knowledgeable, apart from being capable of weird stunts. He's also complicated and at the time of LoC, he's still experimenting with his powers in a shotgun sort of way. Driving a wedge between Aiel/ AS could be useful in general. I'd always assumed it was Fain's doing because of the dark hair, normal height, :witches" business.
  15. IIRC Moiraine grabbed the angreal ,or tried to grab the angreal off Lanfear as they fell through. Plus they were both channeling. Two channelers having a go at the same time might blow fuses. Or Lanfear / Moi/ both catastrophically losing the Source might. Or one of them threw a specific weave that damaged the doorway as said above.
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