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How to Improve our drinking

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Clouds works.


Straws wouldn't be set on fire if we surrounded them with a case of liguid nitrogen


no that wouldn't work either - the drink would freeze, freezing bad for alcohol

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With all due respect to all you English folks here, but lukewarm beer tastes like urine.


Come over to Holland and we will drink the best cold beers you ever had in your life!


*Walks in with a drink strapped to each side of ones helm and a series of straws running down to each side of ones gob, sipping copiously*




Anyway... I'd love to know where this vile rumour of English people drinking Luke Warmbeer... Hold on, that sounds like a strange alcoholic Jedi... I digress... But, I have never in all my many many many many drinking sessions had a luke warm, or anything less than well chilled, beer served to me. If I did it would be flung straight back at the feckless barman/woman with utmost contempt... After slugging back the tepid tipple in question.


One would not like to incur the wrath of the Redarms after all.


Edit: Oh, and unless you've had a bottle of the finest Newcastle Brown Ale... You haven't hand the best beer in your life!

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