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So this is me if you are interested

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Im an 30 yr old Asian male confined to a chair for 8 years because a drunk driver hit my family van one afternoon. I find the Internet t and the various chat rooms are therapy for my arms which do not have full motion yet after all this time. I say this not for your pity or anything else, but recent personal remarks have made me think I should explain myself, not that anyone deserves it anyWay.


I have a up crass sense of humor that I hope does not offend, but imguess it's because i don't get out much. I just stay at home until someone takes me places. The Internet is my window to the world.

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Welcome to DM Mike! If you love discussing theories you should join the general wheel of time discussion they have some great ideas there. The social groups are great to have fun and play games and you can also go on tye general discussion board for real life debates an mafia games. Also, there are RP boards as well if you like role playing rnjoy DM!

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Welcome to the Pit of Doom!


I wouldn't worry too much about explaining yourself and your posts, just keep to the rules and you should be right. The simplest post can be debated for weeks, here at Dragonmount, there is nothing that isn't debated. If the mods didn't do their job, I swear we would argue if water was wet or not.


Hope you enjoy yourself here, we have lots of great people willing to help out if needed. If you are in doubt over a post, if it is offensive or not, I like to put a little PS in brackets, it is often hard to judge the tone of the posts written over the internet, and with the wide range of personalities and cultures, sometimes posts can be misread.


Anyway, how about you tell us a bit about why you love the Wheel of Time (since it is the reason we are all here)? Have you got your favourites? Favourite book, scene, character?

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