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Favorite Character by Book

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Not necessarily your favorite characters overall, but which characters shine most in which books? Mine:


The Eye of the World: Rand, Moiraine, Thom (my favorite in this book), Lan


The Great Hunt: Rand, Verin, Ingtar, Selene, Thom (again, probably my favorite in the book), Moiraine


The Dragon Reborn: Moiraine, Thom, Perrin (he pretty much dominates this book with so many scenes)


The Shadow Rising: Rand, Perrin, Nynaeve, Lanfear, Loial (although his actions are more off-screen - closing the Waygate and saving kids in Stone)


The Fires of Heaven: Lanfear (bitch mode FTW), Moiraine, Rand, Rahvin, Mat, Asmodean


That's as far as I've gotten in my re-read, so the rest of the books, while I recall significant things about them, I am a bit hazier on which books featured which characters prominently, and also on which one certain characters come into play, so I'll just wing it more and go with ones I'm absolutely certain of


Lord of Chaos: Rand, Demandred (I liked the two scenes we had of him; so mysterious), Mat, Nynaeve


A Crown of Swords: Sammael, Rand, Nynaeve, Mat, Mesaana


The Path of Daggers: (I can't recall if Mat wasn't in this one, or if that was Winter's Heart), Rand ... my memory is hazy on standout moments in this novel, so I'll wait and see what others think here


Winter's Heart: Nynaeve, Rand, Cyndane (slicing that dude's head off with Air)


Crossroads of Twilight: God I have no idea. Mat was good I believe. Perrin bored me. I did like Mesaana in her one scene.


Knife of Dreams: Semirhage, Rand, Mat, Min ... don't know who else (Perrin was better here)


The Gathering Storm: Verin, Min, Egwene (I actually enjoyed her scenes in this one), Rand, Semirhage, Nynaeve


Towers of Midnight: Mat, Mesaana, Perrin ...Rand, but he wasn't in it much (and Nynaeve)

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only choosing 1 per book. this is tough... :P

1- Lan (training rand, etc)

2- Rand (portal stones, turok)

3- Perrin (scouring of the shire... i mean... the two rivers)

4- Matt (post doorway ter'angreal #1 + 2)

5- Matt again (war in cairhien)

6- Taim (swathed in mystery and power... first bad guy i enjoyed reading of)

7- Egwene (starting to wield power behind the scenes, discovering Traveling)

8- Logain (i believe that was one we saw some of him at the black tower?)

9- Nynaeve (cleansing :) )

10- ...i forget what happens here (Does anyone remember that website that has a yellowish background and has thorough chapter summaries and character lists?)

11- by this point Logain was my favourite character bar none

12- Egwene again. (seanchan attack and great purge)

13- Fager Neald (first power wraught weapon in a loooooong time)

14- ????????

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1-Rand( obvious as he takes up the whole book. And so many things happen to him )

2- Ingtar ( I really enjoy seeing him grow more and more desperate to find the horn and redeem himself )

3- Mat ( First time he starts to redeem himself. Before this all he does is whine about Rand going mad and trying to avoid his friend )

4- Perrin ( He saves the two rivers and starts to become a leader )

5- Moiraine ( her desperation for teaching Rand. Her acceptance that she can't control Rand, and can only advise. Also the ending )

6- Taim and Asha'man ( freaking awesome )

7- Egwene ( stops being a figure head and starts trying to wield some control )

8- Egwene( Manipulates the Salidar into starting the war that they've been dancing around )

9- Mat and Rand ( Mat finally starts his daughter of the nine moons prophecy, and rand cleanses )

10- Nothing happens in the book. It feels more like the first half of the next book.

11- Tuon ( she realizes she has been underestimating Mat the entire time and finally sees him for who he is. )

12- Egwene and Rand ( Such huge moments for both )

13- Noal

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U didnt not put Mat in tDR???!!!! Thats probably o ne of the best "mat" books. :)


Lets see.....

1-2 rand

3 mat

4 perrin/mat

5 mat

6 mat

7 mat

8 hate the book ( no mat)

9 mat

10 mat

11 mat

12 rand/mat (only bc of freaking zombiez)

13 mat


I guess u guys can tell i like mat a little bit more than others :)


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Good idea, here's mine, with the #2 also noted. I'm only on Path of Daggers on my re-read, so I'll stop there.


1. The Eye of the World = Moiraine (Rand 2nd)

2. The Great Hunt = Rand (Nynaeve)

3. The Dragon Reborn = Mat (Moiraine)

4. The Shadow Rising = Perrin (Rand)

5. The Fires of Heaven = Moiraine (Siuan)

6. Lord of Chaos = Perrin (Egwene)

7. A Crown of Swords = Mat (Min)

8. The Path of Daggers = Egwene (Elayne)

=============I reserve the right to change my mind after the re-read

9. Winter's Heart = Mat (Cadsuane)

10. Crossroads of Twilight = I'll have to re-read and come up with someone, maybe Pevara or Tarna or even Faile. No one did much of anything. Mat?

11. New Spring = Lan (Moiraine)

12. Knife of Dreams = Mat (Faile)

13. The Gathering Storm = Egwene (Verin)

14. Towers of Midnight = Perrin (Hopper) (Nynaeve, Faile, Rand, Galad, Mat, and even Egwene and even Gawyn have great moments as well)



Lord of Choas is the touhest for me. I want to say Nynaeve, but the trip to Ebou Dar ruins it for me. Perrin is strong, as are Rand, and Egwene and Siuan in Salidar. Hard just to pick two, especially in ToM, LoC, and TSR.

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1. Someshta (:D) (actually, I probably have the most fun reading Nynaeve)

2. Verin

3. Mat (or maybe Moiraine)

4. Perrin

5. Moiraine

6. Rand

7. Cadsuane

8. Cadsuane

9. Cadsuane

10. Mat (or maybe Egwene)

11. Egwene

12. Egwene (or maybe Rand)

13. Mat

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1. Rand, Thom, Moiraine

2. Rand, Egwene

3. Mat, Moiraine

4. Moiraine, Perrin

5. Nynaeve, Siuan

6. Rand, Egwene

7. Mat, Egwene

8. Egwene

9. Rand, Mat

10. Tuon, Mat

11. Tuon, Mat

12. Egwene

13. Hard to pick here. Mat didn't do much that interested me until the end other than forget how to write and say dumb things about boots, but I suppose I'll pick him

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Lol, Deadsy that was precisely my thoughts about book 13--and then it goes downhill again from just prior to him realising what the ashendarei is. But still, for the brief period, the best character depiction of TofM.


Also Siuan is a good pick for book five.

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I had to add Perrin to 4. He's annoyed me so much lately that I blocked him out of my mind.


Also, I really like this topic. It would be fun to do a "best minor character in each book" one too, because I feel guilty for leaving out Teslyn.

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I'm surprised that so few of the responses include supporting or minor characters.


The Eye of the World: Perrin and Elyas (and Hopper!). I really do think Perrin's arc is great here. Rand also, especially in Camelyn. Loial.


The Great Hunt: Rand, Hurin, Loial, and yes, Lanfear too ;-)


The Dragon Reborn: Mat and Thom, Moiraine, Lan, and Perrin. Min. Faile as she peels the layers off the onion on Perrin and the journey. Nearly everything in Dragon Reborn worked for me. Great drama and dialogue. Special mention because I just LOVE this guy: Dermid Ajala, the master blacksmith in Tear.


The Shadow Rising: Mat and Rand, Perrin and Gaul. Fain. So many good things going on here! Love many of the Aiel characters too. Amys, Bair, Rhuarc, etc.


The Fires of Heaven: Asmodean!!! Mat and the officers of the Red Hand (especially Talmanes and Daerid).


Lord of Chaos: Perrin, Davram Bashere.


A Crown of Swords: Mat and Elayne, particularly when they are together. The Gholam. Birgitte.


The Path of Daggers: Elyas, thank goodness you returned to save this excruciating book! Egwene and Talmanes. So brief, but so great!


Winter's Heart: Mat, Tuon, Thom, Noal, every POV at the Battle of Shadar Logoth.


Crossroads of Twilight: Mostly slow and unbearable... except for Furyk Karede and Almurat Mor.


Knife of Dreams: Perrin, Egwene, Tuon (great POV!), Mat. Tylee Khirgan! Best supporting character I've read in the Wheel.


The Gathering Storm: Egwene and Verin! Also the Black Ajah hunters and Meidani. Leane.


Towers of Midnight: Perrin and Faile, Elayne, Birgitte, and Mat. Not Egwene until the negotiations with the Wise Ones and Windfinders, and then, yes most definitely Egwene.

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I can't just pick one character, so i will have to do top three in order. Plus some honorable mentions, because I can't ever decide on just 3 :laugh: Basically all of the characters I thought were outstanding, awesome or interesting. Not necessarily that I like the character in the book, but it made me want to read on.


EotW: Rand, Moiraine, Nynaeve. (HM: Ishamael)


tGH: Rand, Perrin, Verin. (HM: Lanfear, Hurin)


tDR: Moiraine, Mat, Elayne. (HM: Perrin)


tSR: Perrin, Mat, Loial. (HM: Tam)


FoH: Moiraine, Lanfear, Asmodean. (HM: Mat)


LoC: Demandred, Min, Nynaeve. (HM: Perrin, Berelain, Dobraine, Bashere)


CoS: Mat, Aviendha, Cadsuane. (HM: Flinn, Merana, Narishma, Birgitte)


PoD: Rand, Bashere, Elayne. (HM: Aviendha, Narishma)


WH: Nynaeve, Rand, Demandred. (HM: Cyndane, Cadsuane)


CoT: Mat, Egwene, BA hunters. (Pevara I think, and Tarna can't remember which book it was)


KoD: Logain, Rand, Nynaeve. (HM: Mat, Birgitte, Narishma)


tGS: Rand, Nynaeve, Egwene. (HM: Verin, Suian)


ToM: Rand, Nynaeve, Androl. (HM: Ituralde, Saerin, Pevara, Perrin, Mat)

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