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  1. This might not be what you mean, but the sword and therefore the link to Hawkwing will almost certainly be used to bind the Seanchan. The theory has been floating around DM for a while, dunno where it first appeared tho.
  2. I believe RJ's intention was to make the 3 boys equal but different. This however, is close to impossible. The value of the actions of Mat and Perrin I believe will be equally valuable to victory at TG, but it seems like most people just want to take sides. Both Mat and Perrin have caused butterfly effects, thereby inadvertently solving major issues. They're Ta'veren. Many of the cool things they do, and the cool things that happen to them are unintentional. Some boring things happen in their stories, that's how the author spun the tale. Give a guy a break if life isn't convenient enough to wrap up in a few chapters. Yes, I wish the Shaido chapter would've ended sooner, and I think a condensed version of the series would be kinda cool (blasphemy probably, but oh well) but Perrin did well in the situation. Valan Luca circus chapters sucked too, it's just that point in the story where RJ got more long-winded.
  3. What instance are you referring to where people die because he doesn't want responsibility? To be fair, Rand kind of goes the other way at times. One instance was with Callandor in PoD (I know there's a flaw, but he still was kind of mad with power), and in TGS. Trying to think of an instance where Mat is human and makes a mistake. Maybe that's why everyone likes him, he doesn't really ever make a big mistake, except for his crappy behavior in the first couple books? To me, characters seem better written when they're well rounded with many human traits, including the bad ones. A great example is Tavi from the Codex Alera series. The dude doesn't mess up in the whole six books, it's just unrealistic.
  4. This is how I've always thought of leadership as well. It reminds me of the scene in Gladiator, when Maximus has been offered the role of Caesar, and says he doesn't want it. Marcus Aurelis replies, "That is why it must be you". Perrin doesn't shy away from responsibility, he just takes it seriously,
  5. Thanks Randsc. I wanted to post that quote, but didn't know the old tongue. Just to be sure, that's Mat during his SL dagger healing?
  6. I dunno, the DO seems to encourage the idea of Forsaken killing eachother in their ambition for power. Suttree, looks like you hit the nail on the head.
  7. Forsaken have their own forces of trollocs, and it seems like they could be sent to attack other forsaken. The same seems to be true of gholam. Maybe I'm just pulling at straws. Does anyone know of an instance where a Forsaken was in danger by another's shadowspawn? Grey men, Dragkhar, or trollocs?
  8. Speaking of whether it thinks, or just follows orders, I've always wondered how the dreadlords controlled gholam...There must be a "fail-safe" to protect themselves from gholam killing them. Or are they(gholam) just wired to be servants of the shadow? Even with that in mind, many shadowspawn are the best examples of loyal soldiers.
  9. "What cannot be changed, must be endured" , Siuan. words of wisdom right there :)
  10. One of my favorites for TGH was Hurin :) Was LoC when Siuan and co. were on the run? If so, Logain was cool in that one, as well as LTT finally working with Rand.
  11. Demandred's comment about favorite ta'veren made me think of what my order for favorite is. It's close, but would probably be Perrin and rand tying for 1st, then Mat in second, lol. I've heard before that the 3 Two Rivers boys are all part of RJ, it makes me wonder what he was like to talk to. I know I can be a little different depending on who I'm talking to, and for some reason, it's amusing to me to think of RJ with a personality like Mat, haha. On the current topic, the 3 boy's growth and character development are all different from eachother, and their trials are the same way. If you could quantify the hardships they've had to face, I think it'd look something like this: Rand: 1.) Finds out he's the DR; big responsibility, looming madness. 2.) Knows he'll die at Shayol Ghul, 3.) Loses Moiraine. 4.) The wounds in his side. 5.) Went through Dark Rand phase Mat: 1.) Shadar Logoth dagger, sick until TDR. 2.) Lost memories 3.) Betrayed by DF Aiel girlfriend. 4.) Lopin, Nerim, Nalesean, and Tylin killed. 5.) Hanged, lost an eye, broke a leg, and never gets Healing for his battle scars Perrin: 1.) Harried by Whitecloaks and accused of being shadowspawn 2.) Lost entire family, save for some distant cousin (why don't they bring that kid back into the story?) 3.) Internal struggle with losing himself to bloodlust and the wolf inside him 4.) Faile's capture 5.) Taken a few arrows to the knee 6.) Lost Hopper twice So yeah, they're experiences are a bit different, they've all had their share of trials, that's for sure.
  12. ^THIS^ I loved when he met up with Egwene in ToM :) And Rand in Cairhein. So yeah, I could see that happening. But I also like how quickly he was at Rand's side in ToM about breaking the seals. It was cool to see him trust Rand on this, knowing that Rand's pulled off some crazy awesome stunts in the past.
  13. That's awesome!! It says in WoT the Choras are artificial constructs, right? This reminds me of a National Geographic article I read a couple years ago when they discovered a sea slug that uses photosynthesis. My first thought was "We found the first grass type Pokemon".
  14. To be fair, as much as I like RJ's style, a lot of his characters can be shallow, repetitive, and yes, even boring once in a while. Mat complains about being a lord all the time, Rand lists off the women that died all the time, Perrin doesn't want to be a leader all the time. Well, there character arcs have sort of resolved recently, but in the mid books, they all did this more. I think all of the characters have faults, but Perrins are less relatable to people. I, for one don't like it if I have more than a couple people's attention on me, so I can totally relate to leadership problems like his, especially when I know in a situation that I'm capable of leading, but feel uncomfortable to do so. So yes, lol, I have this Perrin-thought all the time. I love Mat too, but there's parts of his character I don't like that everyone else goes crazy for. He seems to be a good example of an extravert that's very charismatic, but charisma doesn't really do anything for me, haha, I guess I'm just not charmed by him. Another thing I dislike about certain characters(Egwene), is being manipulative. I prefer Perrin's straightforwardness to her's (or Faile's) subterfuge. Keeping personality traits in mind, are there any other characters you guys can think of that you relate you, or alienate you?
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