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  1. I'm surprised no one asked about Teslyn. I realize that she had to share space in the book with a host of characters, but the relationship with her and Mat was built up far too much to finish it off with a mere gateway. If that's the last they see of one another, I'd be disappointed. Mat had other little gems planted around him that never saw follow up: Petra - Why didn't he see Petra again? Jame - No interest in going back there? The Seanchan Bannerwoman Knife of Dreams - I was sure he would see her again, especially after the heavy foreshadowing supplied by her dialogue. Nestelle
  2. I'm surprised that no one's considered that Bela might not be carrying Faile. What if another is on Bela, incapacited and needing to escape?
  3. If you take this post seriously, you are a nincompoop. Prologue: By Grace and Banners Fallen Chapter 1: Eastward the Wind Blew Chapter 2: The Choice of an Ajah Chapter 3: The Prince of Andor says, "What?" Chapter 4: The Amyrlin's Mistake Chapter 5: Too Late Now Dummy Chapter 6: Tarwin's Gap Sucks Chapter 7: We are so F*$@ed Now Chapter 8: Ah Well, God Save the Queen Chapter 9: The Raven Prince Raves Chapter 10: The Hangover Part III Chapter 11: The Hangover Part IV, Ebou Dar Chapter 12: Me No Like! No More Boots! Chapter 13: The Wolf King Plays Whack-a-Mole Chapter 14: The W
  4. Its understandable that Dragonmount posters read more into characters and quotes than sometimes is warranted. Often times, the posters spot something that turns out true. In this case, I think not. In myth and story, heroes and kings have sidekicks. Not necessarily flawed sidekicks like Lancelot was for Arthur, but constant unquestioned companions. Joshua, brother of Moses. Enkidu (Gilgamesh). Patroclus (Achilles). Samwise Gamgee (Frodo Baggins). Robin (Batman ;-). As a writer, I believe Robert Jordan looked at his Perrin of Eye of the World and the Perrin he would need to c
  5. Good argument about Tylee. They would be using first names, so... maybe now the question is what is she helping him with?!?! It's got to be something that Seanchan would oppose, like freeing channellers, stopping the White Tower attack, or ?
  6. Has anyone considered that Perrin's fond helper is Lanfear?
  7. Aviendha's vision at the columns states unequivocally that the Aiel are west of the Dragonwall for generations before the Raven Empire drives them back over it. There's nothing about them having a sovereign nation, but my instinct says they will have one. It's really nothing more than a guess. Still, I feel pretty good about my three until someone blows me away with something better.
  8. sorry BFG, if I was unclear. I meant that Rand would ask that the Aiel be granted lands that they could call a nation west of the Dragonwall.
  9. 1) The Dragon's Peace 2) Aiel Lands west of the Dragonwall 3) A restoration of status for male channellers I thought of the a'dam, but then thought that Mat would be more likely to fix that problem, and also that the demand has to be more general. In other words, not demanded of just the Seanchan but rather ALL of the monarchs.
  10. There seem to be some folks that are wishing Mat to act in certain way, and those wishes are based upon their own prejudices or their vision of Mat as a character. I agree with Sentinel and others - the discussion is with Tuon (BTW, very good theoretical passage Sentinel). Mat would not leash a channeller. He would declare to Tuon that he intends to handle them however. In my interpretation, this means that he intends to go to Egwene. And Herid, the person who I'd guess asks, "How much do you trust Mat Cauthon?" is almost certainly one of Egwene's advisors, or someone from the Hall.
  11. Rand - Stoned as usual, Rand is driving 15 mph on I-10 when a Texas state trooper pulls him over for going too slow. Rand coughs, and the trooper shoots him. Perrin - Overdoses on creatine. Egwene - Dies when Dragonmount fans stone her to death. The same happens to Gawyn. And then Faile, and then.... Elayne - Dies while attempting a base jump from the tip of Dragonmount. Min - Killed by bird droppings in the Blight. Nynaeve - Her braid comes back for revenge and strangles her. Lan - Dies of old age during the Last Battle. But hey congrats dude on getting the pretty
  12. My final time writing a take-the-piss on the Wheel of Time and I should be getting misty eyed... Ah, f@^# that. Anyone else get inspired, try to write something funny too. Everybody's too f^&*ing serious around here. As our story begins, everyone sounding pretty grim, but is it code? Talmanes telling some sellsword dudes, "this is the end," blah, blah, blah. Does he mean the end of the world? Or is it just that he likes rear-ends (especially Elayne's) and he's trying to come up with a euphemism? RAFO, mutha f@^#ers! The Creator himself comes out of the heavens
  13. No, there is no evidence of that. The only character allowed to do that is Moridin (use the True Power in large amounts), and the books talk about the True Power's addictive nature. Moridin already showed the saa across his eyes, the signs of addiction, back in Path of Daggers. To leap from there to possession? There's no foundation for it.
  14. @algspkr - Yes, I completely agree that Galgan is a dead man. The only thing that seems not to be settled is whether that death is a blow to the Dark (is Galgan a darkfriend or a Forsaken in disguise? Lots of theories discuss these possibilities). Also, Mat remains Prince of the Ravens. This does not necessarily equal Seanchan Supreme Commander. Prince of the Ravens is an exalted title, for certain, but still only the same as Prince Consort. If Mat is to take his destined spot as Supreme Commander, it's got to be despite Galgan. Tuon would not set Galgan aside, for fear of making a d
  15. You haven't missed anything. Your read and interpretation is correct. Egwene believes that breaking the seals frees the Dark One. Almost certainly incorrectly and not based upon evidence. Rand believes breaking the seals will strengthen the Dark One (but not yet free him) and that is likely true.
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