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LET THE INSULTS FLY!!! (In WoT Language, of course)


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Alright, so as much as I love theories, and literary discussions, I thought it'd be a good change of pace to do something, well just FUN. So here's the idea: Give me your best insult, as rude, mean, or dirty as you want, BUT obviously, it must be in common word usage form from Randland. I'm not asking for your favorite quotes of characters cursing, but your own original quote extrapolated from Randland vocabulary. Here are some with I came up with:


"The Shadow consume you, you milk drinking Daughter of the Sands!"


"The Light burn your bones to ash, you goat kissing shea dancer!"



Just some starter material... AND GO! Could you come up with one to make Matt pause? We shall see...

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Bloody ashes, you light flaming, fade kissing, trolloc faced son of a bloody flaming goat!


Though I think the real challenge would be to make Uno gape. XD


just bring in nynaeve to scold someone with profanity-free language, by the light!

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