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  1. Lol guys I don't know how many times I have written it but she is the worst developed character in the series.
  2. No I just wanted to point out that chivalry is not sexism. You are trained to protect things that are precious, things that you value above all else. How does it becomes sexism? It is especially baffling in terms of WOT world and rand's back ground where obviously women's circle has more power than village council. he has been brought up to believe that men are evil by nature. Remember the dialogue that Egwene has with Moiraine on their journey out of Two rivers. Egwene wanted to be reassured that it was men who broke the world and women had nothing to do with it. Being brought up in that kind of culture how can anyone be sexist? I didn't mention any of these things because they are so self evident. hence, the accusation of sexism is just a nod to our local politics and nothing else. That is why I made my protest about making everything political. This is a work of epic fantasy. perhaps one of the best fantasy series ever written. Why can't we keep our petty politics out of it and just enjoy the work of a master craftsman at the peak of his powers.
  3. you are all entitled to your opinions even if they fly in the face of overwhelming evidence to contrary. Dream Shard or anything of the sort was never mentioned, hinted or even thought about. Lanfear never mentions it. Ishy never mentions it, Asmodean never mentions it and all of sudden we have this realizati0on 6 years after the death of Jordan. Sanderson was just being his sloppy self with next to zero talent for world building and writing weak prose. Trying to rub our collective faces in a mystery that is nonmystery. Like he mentions bane slayer or some such for Mat's side kick when he kills fades in tAMol in battle for Caemlyn. I am not going to be popular but Sanderson is a sorry excuse of a writer and he was chosen because no one worth his salt will walk in to finish the job. So we had to do with his mediocre talent.
  4. I am surprised that no one mentioned it but Rand at the end of TGH "Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa. May you shelter in the palm of the creator's hand and the last embrace of Mother welcomes you home". Still, gives me goosebumps every time. one other quote was Nynaeve's journey at the start of i think ToM "Tomorrow my husband rides for Tarwain Gap. Will he ride alone?" Somehow these two lines have always stood out in my mind.
  5. All those "smart people " who try to portray Sanderson as a better writer than Jordan. Well they are too smart for their own good. Sanderson is not a patch on the literary ability of Jordan. He didn't just spoiled Mat. He destroyed Perrin too. He just basically repeated all the training that perrin had done in Telarahanroid. He just wrote some very pathetic parts. Like in that final book the parts that Jordan wrote and ones that Sanderson wrote were significantly different and Sanderson just rode the coat tail of jordan to stardom. We had a very long discussion back in day with a post titled "Greed". Please if you have go back and read it. Sanderson's lameness was pretty much predicted in that
  6. All these years later still one of my .favorite quotes is when Rand leaves that Shienaran Lord behind. "May the hand of the creator shelters you and the last embrace of the mother welcomes you home". Gives me goosebumps every time
  7. Basically dream shard was a sham that Brendon introduced in the AMOL. It was never even mentioned let alone used before that in the series so personally I do not hold to dream shard explanation. Also in that quote from Stag and lion that someone mentioned in the comment. Ishy was lying as in the prologue he clearly mentions his surprise at finding Lews Therin Raving mad.
  8. I am just disgusted why everything has to devolve into politics and we make it the lowest denominator? Politics is art of finding possibilities among improbabilities. All this debate on sexism, racism or any other ism is just taking the fun out of living. What happened to taking a good old joke in its spirit and roll with the punch until you get a chance to put your own in. Do you think that building a world where we cannot joke about anything is going to help us build a better world? for me one of the best quotes in the series was by Brigette . " If you are going to die, one should walk with a joke for the crowd and a coin for the hangman". before you lynch me, it is just the meaning that I am to convey. I know that this is not exactly the way RJ wrote it.
  9. @Thrasymachus I really liked you until you put eggy dearest above Moiraine. I mean even the three eyed thing that Rand kills in mirror world had better character development than her. For me Rand Moiraine Nynaeve Perrin Mat Loial That old Aes Sedai who really irked Rand yes Cadusane Amys Sorilea Rhuarc and a whole long list and after that the Rand's dead horse Red and even if you insist only as a last resort the eggy as my least favorite character in the book
  10. LoL Rj created this series so that can write hate mail about Eggy the three legged monster P.S I don't even know where did that come from lol
  11. Why can't we keep eggy out of it?????????? If you want to compare than obviously Nynaeve is one of the best written character in the book and Eggy the exalted hyena is the worst. Even the nameless myrdraal that chased Rand in the woods had better character development lol
  12. Hi, everyone I am back, but what yo gs do not understand is that when decision to split the final book into three was first announced. We had some very heated debates here on a thread named greed. Me and few others rasied exactly these points. We were of the view that BS is not RJ. THEREFORE, he will never be able to finish this book satistfactorily and time has proven us right
  13. That is why people like me do not come to the DM anymore. LOL maybe we are too old and do not understand the modern tastes. I mean comparing apples and oranges do not come even close. what people find refreshing I find revolting. While Rj's writing is replete with moments where you just have to put the book down and take a deep breath. BS will never give you a moment where yo have to have retrospection and or revelation. Show me one moment in Bs's writing to match moiraine's story of Menthren or Nyn's journey through Borderlands garnering support for Lan. Just to name two of the events of which there were countless examples. Then there was subtle foreshadowing, where he let things hang trusting his readers to find the answer. On the other hand BS was about blatant as slap in the face. He will tell yo a certain thing and keep rubbing it in your face. If you like that kind of stuff. Yo are reading the wrong series. You should try some ghost or vampire stories.
  14. can someone second? Eldrick you are the only self claimed long time fan as I said an alias or bs
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