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  1. Hi, everyone I am back, but what yo gs do not understand is that when decision to split the final book into three was first announced. We had some very heated debates here on a thread named greed. Me and few others rasied exactly these points. We were of the view that BS is not RJ. THEREFORE, he will never be able to finish this book satistfactorily and time has proven us right
  2. That is why people like me do not come to the DM anymore. LOL maybe we are too old and do not understand the modern tastes. I mean comparing apples and oranges do not come even close. what people find refreshing I find revolting. While Rj's writing is replete with moments where you just have to put the book down and take a deep breath. BS will never give you a moment where yo have to have retrospection and or revelation. Show me one moment in Bs's writing to match moiraine's story of Menthren or Nyn's journey through Borderlands garnering support for Lan. Just to name two of the events of whic
  3. can someone second? Eldrick you are the only self claimed long time fan as I said an alias or bs
  4. I guess it is natural that people who has not waited or these books for years and have not done multiple rereads will find bs more likable. You see for most of us old timers wanted the story to have world building and depth in both characters and plot. Maybe, newer readers just want instant gratification. however, you have to remember that this is fantasy not a comic book.
  5. Alas! the world has really changed. Three ages into the thread and no one has really bashed Eggy the exalted one? What a sad day I have been destined to live. Hell no one has even come out to defend our very own Gollum the eggy. Perhaps, hate is a too strong a word to describe my feeling, but severe dislike is not too far. You see she has been one character that you had to make others to look stupid to make her look good. Right from the beginning she was a slut who latched on to whoever, provided her with maximum benefit. If she cannot have Rand to lord over, she will flirt shamelessly with A
  6. Hi, Welcome to community i do not come here very often now a day but DM has a special place in the heart o us old fans. I d sincerely hoe that this series gives you as much pleasure, happiness and memories that I still treasure. By the way I am rereading the series and am currently on the Shadow Rising or tSR. Stay happy and blessed.
  7. If I started writting every single scene it will be too much one was already mentioned the ingtar scene another was the story of mentheren and list can go on and on. However, there are two scenes from late books that stand out in my memory. one was of course Nynaeve and her "will ke ride alone". I just literally put the book down and sat there for ten minutes. other was the watch tower scene from one of BS books. In which the son of commander gives up his place to send the son of widow as a massenger. One of these days I am going to gather enough courage to start a final reread. I just do not
  8. Dear Fionwe how many ties we have fought over our eggy the exalted one I have lost count, but saying that eggy is stronger than perrin in Tar is a new high by even your very high standards. I mean she couldn't even have come close to slayer let alone kill him.
  9. There is one thing that was hinted at earlier and everyone keeps forgetting is that these guys are extremely provincial. They are behaving in self preservation and are trying to shrink back into their shell to protect themselves from all the changestjat are taking place in their lives. Also one has to remember that they do not have the benefit of reading the different povs like us. All they see is a mysterious woman or rather a set of mysterious women they re conditioned to misttust. I mean I absolutely love moraine she is a wonderful character.but you have to see things from their perspective
  10. please do not get Mr Ares started because if you do you do so at your own peril and do not tell me later on that i did not warn you lol
  11. To be completely honest I was never really excited by Eggy dearest getting stole. It was really pathetic writing on RJ's part. However, the way her characte continues to deteriorate is amazing. Someone once wrote that RJ should have made her a taveren and be done with it and we would have accepted whatever he and then BS dished out to us. She was made out to be the girl next door, but was portrayed as the worst bitch in the town. If, you think this is severe, you should read my earlier posts. lol
  12. Jack that was perhaps one of the best comments that I have read here at DM. Thank you, you just summed up what I wanted to say very nicely.
  13. [deleted] No one on this thread said that was well written. It is just a matter of interpretation of the importance of character. Sutt and company want to make out that character was more important and deserved more time and others are saying that he got what he deserved but his end was abrupt and needed better treatment, now how hard is that to understand.
  14. Hi people Just one very short comment. When I first picked up the series it was in paper back and carried the Fred Saberhagen comment on the title page,"Solid than a steel blade and glowing with true magic".I think that says it all. Weaknesses? I don't know, yes! Middle books were bit slow, but he always intended to use them as a building block to the big end. Which, unfortunately he couldn't.
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