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  1. I think Nakomi is a video game character, a "ghost" that is that is brought back to the world due to the DO's touch on the pattern like the other ghosts we see. See, Nakomi is an anagram of Konami, who made the Silent Hill series, which is about ghosts. Now as we know, the ghosts we see pretty much don't know they are ghosts, they just wander around carrying about their days not aware of the living. But maybe Nakomi is an exception, a Jenn wise one who could channel or a dreamer, so she is able to break completely through that veil and emerge fully into the world. So yeah, my vote is a
  2. Book one or two, I forget, Moiraine or Thom talk about perrin wearing a crown and speaking high chant. Well, now he's king of Saldae.
  3. Oh okay. Yeah I get that. It definitely could have been done better. I don't deny that. I just don't agree that Moiraine's return meant nothing or that her arc was pretty much pointless, as others seem to be saying. That's what I was getting at.
  4. Sorry, I was responding to Arrg. I was still writing when you posted.
  5. This guy gets it. I think that some of you read too fast and missed out on a really great book. I get that you were excited....we all were. But some of the comments im reading are leaving me shaking my head. PS....first post here at Dragonmount. I look forward to engaging in discussion with you guys! PPS...im sad that its over :( and again... his soul has done this dance before. LTT did not remember how he sealed him up in the last "3rd age". Someone will bore the prison "LTT" will seal it poorly and then "Rand" will make it right again. Its a Wheel This is true, but not en
  6. Rand only had those memories because of the Taint. The next dragon won't have those memories so he won't remember how to defeat the DO.
  7. Well now were talking about poor writing and such. I agree that it could have been done better, but the fact is, it was written the way it was, and the way it was written, Moiraine was most definitely the reason everything didn't fall a part and the forces of light not falling. Saying it should have been written differently to back your arguments is just an opinion and doesn't change the facts. It was written the way it was written and that's how it happened. Case closed.
  8. She had to be rescued mainly because of what she did at FOM. If it weren't for her, either Rand would have broken the seals at the wrong time or Eggy wouldn't have broken them at all. Also, her reciting the prophecies was pivatol to everyone agreeing to the Dragon's Peace. Believe it or not, she kept Rand and Eggy both from doing some pretty stupid stuff. If not for her, it is very likely the meeting at FOM would have fell apart. And it almost did. Rand pretty much said to hell with everyone and was leaving, then Moiraine showed up and put everything back together. So with out her, all
  9. I think it has to do with him being more than that. Like with the Dragon, the Dragon is a Hero, just not one that can be summoned by the Horn.
  10. Sorry, but hardly any of what you said is accurate. Min may have discovered the part about the forced linking, but not about the TP. We don't know how Rand learned about the TP because it happened off screen. I believe it equally possible he came to the conclusion on his own that if it magnified the taint it would do so with the TP, like I did over at Theoryland and got burned for because, quote "there is no angreal for the TP". Also, of course emotional links didn't come into play with the linking, it has nothing to do with that. He needed someone he could trust not to get in his way
  11. Tuon never channels. And an a'dam can't make someone channel if they haven't crossed the threshold yet. You can bring them pain and everything else, but you can't make them channel.
  12. I liked Logain's arc. Wasn't my favorite, but still good. Just remember that story wise, Logain is a somewhat minor character. We don't see all that much of him in the series at all. He's had as much or maybe more exposure in this one book than he has the entire rest of the series. One thing I also noticed about this book, is that a lot of minor characters got POVs. Like Uno, Hurin, etc. And I also like how a few minor characters got promoted to major supporting character, like Androl and Talmanes. I still can't get over the Uno POV. Pound for pound it was one of the most epic POVs
  13. Yeah but I don't find her overly wretched. Wretchedness is not the same as evil, Elaida wasn't evil, yet I find her the most wretched in the book, except for maybe Liandrin.
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