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Talk to me!!!!!

Nyanna al'Meara

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hi pandy! shields the panda so he cannot channel


lifts him on threads of air and takes him out to nyannas llama field


channels earth and air to dig a hole. Dumps the panda in the hole uses air and fills the hole back in burying the shielded panda up to the neck with his arms by his sides.


RIGHT so bets! the bet is 5 of your points. Winner takes all! the question to bet on is HOW LONG WILL it take before the panda breaks and begs for release? 1hr? 2?? make ure bets and u may just make some points!

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Im okay >.> I resprained my ankle real bad playing with my horsie yesterday, so I'm pretty bored not being able to JUMP AROUND AND DANCE AND STUFFS!!! :P


Sowwy for not replying to PMs at the moment, I'm more in a spammy shorter-post mood today :tongue: still luv ya bug brudder :wub:

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Oh, that's okay. I've been on again off again all day. I'm moving all the books I don't use and

packing them away plus getting everything picked up. I got a LOT done!


I sprained my ankle once right before I was going to be in the school play my senior year. I had to miss it.


*sends healing vibes*

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*Breaks the bonds with a massive burst of spirit, then blows the earth around him away by heating up small sockets of air in the ground*


Urgh... Finally.. I'm starving.. I think I'll have some Ithi Al Dente.. *Scans after Ithi, Prepairing a massive dome of fire to trap her with*

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